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Gluttony – “Coffinborn” 2012

 Gluttony -“Coffinborn” Demo CD
LABEL: Self-released
Death Metal
RATING: 7.0 / 10

Sweden is a country well known for its ability to produce high quality death metal, and Gluttony hailing from Sundsvall is no exception. If your looking for originality this ain’t it, but if your just looking for a nice slab of Swedish Old School Death Metal done the right way, this is for you. Bands like Bloodbath and Entombed comes to mind more than once while listening to the four tracks on this demo and my personal favourite is in fact the title track “Coffinborn” which has a nice fucking groove to it. Production-wise there is nothing to complain about, if I were to guess i’d say HM-2 all the way. But who knows? With todays technology it’s easy to emulate pretty much everything. The last track on the demo is a cover-version of Rolling Stones classic “Paint it Black” and I must say that (after hearing pretty much 30 metal covers over the years of this song) this is indeed one of my favourite cover-versions of all time, done the Swedish Old School Death Metal-way!!

♠Recommended tracks: Coffinborn / Paint it Black

Review by: TK

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One Comment

  1. Gluttony says:

    Thanks for a great review!
    It’s HM-2 all the way, no emulation!


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