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Daemonicus – “Deadwork” 2012

 Daemonicus -“Deadwork”
LABEL: Abyss Records
YEAR: 2012
GENRE: Death Metal
RATING: 8.0 / 10

Sweden’s Daemonicus once again return to the crime scene; this time with their second full-length effort since the start in 2006. We’re talking old-school death metal, the Swedish way, somewhere in the borderland between Grave (“Into The Grave“-era), Edge Of Sanity (“Unorthodox“-era) and Necrophobic (“The Nocturnal Silence“-era), yet with a refreshingly youthful touch. Having been a sucker for this type of death metal since its glory days, I must say this is very much to my taste. Tracks like “The Grandeur Of Total Termination” and “We Feast On Your Flesh” stand out as downright death metal hits, with their meaty, mid-paced heaviness and catchy melody-work, in the guitar-department!

Sound-wise, I think the production fits the music like a glove, giving it that filthy, yet easily accessible environment, in which the music is allowed to grow and reach its full potential, without ever losing its nasty edge.

Taken as a whole, “Deadwork” very much struck my fancy, with its blend of passionate riffing/song-writing and well thought-out, overall formula. It’s definately a step up from their debut and with that said, I look to the future of Daemonicus with confidence!

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