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Plector – “Punishment Day” 2012

ALBUM: Plector -“Punishment Day”
LABEL: Discouraged Records
YEAR: 2012
GENRE: Melodic Thrash/Death Metal
RATING: 8.0 / 10

This is a really good release from a small town Swedish band. A band that quit just the other day.

I don’t have the details about the breakup so I won’t comment on that. “Punishment Day” on the other hand, has been in my ears a few hours now. It’s a solid album packed with riffing, tight drumming and super-evil vocals. Sound-wise there’s nothing to complain about: the mix is clean but heavy. Style-wise I ended up thinking that this is some kind of Meshuggah turned heavy metal turned death metal. Don’t get too hung up on that simile though.

Plector managed to put out one demo, one EP and one album before this one. I haven’t listened to any of them, but I think they have matured pretty fast because this, their second and last album, is not a layman’s effort. “Punishment Day” packs more than a punch and I’m sad to see this band go before getting to know them better.

I will not say much else, but buy this album if you get the chance! Groovy death/thrash metal backed by immaculate studio production. Not an epic swansong but an evisceration of what was left: bile and blood.

Rest in pieces.

What did “Plector” mean anyway?

Review by: MJ

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