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Carnal Agony – “Carnal Agony” 2012

 Carnal Agony -“Carnal Agony”
LABEL: Self-financed
Power/Thrash Metal
RATING: 1.5 / 10

I feel cheated. I dig the name Carnal Agony, the logo-design suits nicely for a death metal band, as does the bandpicture with members covered in blood and a vocalist screaming at what appears to be a pigs heart. As for one of the bandmembers wearing a Europe t-shirt (amongst a bunch of Mayhem, Autopsy and Torture Division t-shirts), I couldn’t care less. Fuck, I’ve played a gig once wearing a t-shirt with English boyband 5ive. No, my carnal agony starts the minute I hit play….

The thing that flows out of my speakers is very hard to put into words. It’s like somebody took heavy metal music and squeezed all life out of it. There is no power what so ever to be found in the production, everything just sounds so tired, from the guitars and drums to the vocalist. Add to this bits & pieces that sound out-of-tune and “untight”. As for the genre of the music I can’t really pin-point it, M-A say Power/Thrash Metal, but fuck I just can’t hear it.

I’ve never found any pleasure in bashing a band or a recording (especially not from a local band with people I am acquainted with), but the truth is that Carnal Agony is a band that just don’t feel ready for recordings quite yet. In other words this is a demo that “never should have seen the light of day” and I hope that the band from now on concentrate on polishing on pretty much all aspects in their music before they decide to make another recording. Since, even though this is a demo that I will never ever listen to again, I can still hear small glimpse of actual potential in between everything that I don’t like with this demo. I don’t wanna be an asshole, but surely someone in the band? or perhaps a family member? or a friend?  Hellooo!!??? that visited the bands rehearsal room could tell the band that this is NOT the new shit.

Review by: TK

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