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██████ – ”Demo” 2013

ALBUM: ██████ -“Demo”
LABEL: Self-released/independent
YEAR: 2013
GENRE: Post-Black Metal
RATING: 7.5 / 10

I was writing on a rant about stupid band names when looking at Metallum and the latest updates. A band caught my attention, and I just really wanted to know what the hell was up.

The band is Czech and doesn’t have a name. Their only record is a demo, and neither it nor the songs have names. This goes against all my principles and I really wanted it to be bad. As things turned out, it wasn’t.

The vocals are of the kind “love ’em or hate ’em.” I’m somewhere in between. Yeah, I know. Fuck me, right?
They (the vocals) are the true essence of what every non-metalhead is referring to when saying “you can’t even hear the words.” Pure screamed percussion howling. Not awesome, but fills its purpose.

The bass is only heard when the guitars aren’t pounding through, full force. Always a pity, but more than a little expected.

The rest of the guys do their thing well. The drums keeps up well to the distorted guitars and together they create a wonderfully unnerving atmosphere throughout the four songs on “Demo”. There really is no light in sight, musically, but the future looks bright for this Czech band without a name.

In all this I also learned a new expression: post-black metal. I’ve read it, but never got the meaning. Until now. So I guess I can say that I like PBM too.

Review by: MJ

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