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Against The Wall – January 2013

The observant one might wonder what ever happened to the “December”-edition of ATW? As a matter of fact THIS is the “December”-edition, only we decided that from now on the ATW of the month will be labeled with the month it is published. But, keep in mind, we still put albums from the prior month against the wall. Sadly we also fell one man short this month so it’s a two-man-show this month, but we’ll be back stronger than ever next month. Here’s some of the stuff December 2012 had to offer….

Sulphur Aeon - "Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide" 2012
 Sulphur Aeon – “Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide”
LABEL: Imperium Productions
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): Originally scheduled for a late December release according to the promotional copy and therefore included in this edition although not officially released until January 2013. I should love this, but for some strange reason I don’t? It’s REALLY good death metal with a hint of the 90’s “No Fashion”-era, but that’s pretty much it.   7.0/10

(MJ): Atmospheric death metal, with force. Generous, evil, heavy and audacious. Awesome debut album from these Germans, and a great start to 2013! 9.0/10

Desolate Shrine - "The Sanctum of Human Darkness" 2012
 Desolate Shrine – “The Sanctum of Human Darkness”
LABEL: Dark Descent Records
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): Well now, this here Finnish band Desolate Shrine is this months big surprise. This may be labeled as Death Metal but it really has a misanthropic black metal approach to it. If your looking for blastbeats and speed, look elsewhere. If you want highly atmospheric and “heavy” death metal,  that at times reminds of bands such as Sonne Adam and Necros Christos, this is for you. 8.5/10

(MJ): If you ever wished that Dismember played black metal, maybe Desolate Shrine will work for you. 6.5/10

Make a Change... Kill Yourself - "Fri" 2012
 Make A Change… Kill Yourself – “Fri”
LABEL: Black Hate Productions
GENRE: Black Metal

(TK): Mr. Ynleborgaz and his Make A Change… Kill Yourself is the best black metal I’ve heard from Denmark, which sadly don’t say that much. “Fri” is not a bad album, but it pretty much sounds like most black metal demos that the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish scene released between 1992-1997. Unoriginal, but rather grim and necro with waaaaay too lengthy songs. 5.5/10

(MJ): Atmospheric as hell. Lights out, everybody. 8.5/10

Paradox - "Tales of the Weird" 2012
 Paradox – “Tales of The Weird”
LABEL: AFM Records
GENRE: Power/Thrash/Speed Metal

(TK): I guess German long-runners Paradox either caught me at the right time or “Tales of the Weird” is actually a rather enjoyable piece of thrashy and progressive speed/power metal. Great melodies and great shredding. Sadly the album looses a bit of its magic after about halfway through, but luckily it picks up again towards the end. 6.5/10

(MJ): Let’s talk in German terms: this is a mixture of Kreator and Blind Guardian. Not unlike Savage Cirkus and Sweden’s Persuader. Extra points for not making the intro on the first song a separate track. The video game sounds on the bonus track are awesome!  7.0/10

The Project Hate MCMXCIX - "The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda" 2012
 The Project Hate MCMXCIX – “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda”
LABEL: Self-released/fan-financed
GENRE: Industrial/Orchestral Death Metal

(TK): Words can’t express how much I’ve been looking forward to this album ever since I took part of the “Donation project” that helped finance this recording. And Yes! I was blown away upon the first 10 spins of this album, but then sadly something happened. Musically “TCRA” is my favorite album since “HDCE“, but with one big problem. Although I like Ruby Roque, her vocals tend to take over too much, sadly to the extent that it at times is too empowering and rather than pleasuring me, it simply just annoys me. But, this is Lord K’s vision and I’m sure everything is exactly as he wants it to be. For me though, this is musically a masterpiece but I wish that the female vocals hadn’t been so dominant. Wait, I have an instrumental version of the album as well….here we go! PS: I wanna marry the bass-sound.  8.0/10

(MJ): The Hate fucked up majorly in my eyes with their last album. It was the nail in the coffin they started building for themselves by the time “The Lustrate Process” came out. I just couldn’t like them anymore. Things haven’t changed at all, and Mia is still the best vocalist The Hate have had. The best track on this album is the instrumental closer, “Welcome the Judas Agenda”4.0/10

Maveth - "Coils of the Black Earth" 2012
 Maveth – “Coils of the Black Earth”
LABEL: Dark Descent Records
GENRE: Blackened Death Metal

(TK): More death metal from a “never before heard of band” from Finland. This isn’t bad at all, a bit more speedy that Desolate Shrine, or rather a lot more blasty and guttural. Death metal in the vein of band such as Immolation and Incantation. While it is nicely executed this form of Death Metal sadly never was my favorite. 5.5/10

(MJ): This is some good death. Good, not great. In short: we have heard it before, and I just not in the mood for more right now. For some reason I think of rotten, hollow trunks of wood. The vocals are really murky… 5.0/10

Humanity Delete - "Never Ending Nightmares" 2012
 Humanity Delete – “Never Ending Nightmares”
LABEL: Dead Beat Media
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore

(TK): I’m beginning to be quite certain by now that Mr. Rogga Johansson has a machine in his closet called “Death Metal Developer v1.0”. How else could one person release the amount of similiar sounding Death Metal albums such as Rogga does? Just during 2012 Rogga was involved in seven (7!) death metal releases. Sure “Never Ending Nightmares” has its moments, but sadly it never rises above the average. 5.0/10

(MJ): I hated the drum machine on the first few tracks. Did it grow on me or did they become better? Straight up old-school Swedish death metal anyway. If you want more, with drum machine, look up Comecon4.5/10

Svartidauði - "Flesh Cathedral" 2012

 Svartidauði – “Flesh Cathedral”
LABEL: Daemon Worship Productions
GENRE: Black Metal

(TK): Oh my Goshver! Icelandic Svartidauði turned out disappointing. If you like filthy “hard-to-digest death metal” with 10 to 18 minute songs and vocals that sound like a door hinge that that needs to be oiled, be my guest. What a shame. With proper vocals this could have been great. 4.0/10

(MJ): A tip: don’t name your band something that cannot be spelled spelt AND sounds stupid. Really smooth vocals, but they almost drown in the mix. Atmospheric, but not as good as that other band in this “Against the Wall” with a stupid name (not referring to Vanderbuyst, Humanity Delete, Paradox or Sulphur Aeon).  5.0/10

Vanderbuyst - "Flying Dutchmen" 2012
 Vanderbuyst- “Flying Dutchmen”
LABEL: Ván Records
GENRE:  Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

(TK): Vanderbuyst reeks of 70’s hard rock and early 80’s heavy metal and while it has some charm, maybe I was a bit wrong putting this album “Against The Wall” considering the competition and direction most of the reviews here at Deathdomain have? 3.5/10

(MJ): No! Please! Don’t make me listen to this! 2.5/10

Yngwie Malmsteen - "Spellbound" 2012
 Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force – “Spellbound”
LABEL: Rising Force
GENRE: Neoclassical Power Metal/Shred

(TK): I love You Yngwie! But lately I’ve also learned how to hate You! Here’s what I want You to do. 1. Stop being lazy as fuck. 2. If You insist on using your home-studio and programmed drums, buy software that is from this century. The drums sound like something you hear in a Karaoke-bar. 3. Please, please, please do not never ever sing on an album ever again. Ok? 1.0/10

(MJ): Untight and uninspired/uninspiring. I’d rather have a liquid bowel movement than listen to this… shit.  1.5/10

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