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Blockheads – “This world is dead” 2013


 Blockheads – “This world is dead”
Relapse Records
RATING: 8 / 10

Have you ever watched a grainy old BBC VHS from the late ’80s, with a Napalm Death grinding like there was no tomorrow, and wish you could have been there? Long before terms as metalcore was invented. Listening to grindbastards Blockheads gives you the feeling of the early days of grind. There is a genuine and very raw pulse in their music. And “This world is dead” is no exception. Squeezing in 25 songs in 40 min tells you what we are dealing with here. Super fast grindcore, that is crusty and mean. I like bands that manage to make the sound dirty and raw, without sacrificing any of the production quality. This record starts off in hyper speed and doesn’t slow down one second.   A mighty crust-grind wall of sound is poured out into your ears with that gutter-punk punch to the face like Napalm Death and Brutal Truth at their youngest and angriest.

Review by: JP

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