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Boil – “aXiom” 2013

ALBUM: Boil -“aXiom”
LABEL: ViciSolum Productions
YEAR: 2013
GENRE: Progressive Rock/Metal
RATING: 7.0 / 10

Melodic angst metal is not a safe way to go. Either you end up becoming the soundtrack to an already scarred teen, or you have enough depth to become something more. Something more mature, yet even darker. When starting up “aXiom” (no, I don’t know why they spell it like that) for the first time I didn’t know what to expect, and at first I thought I would get some System-of-a-Down-sounding-yet-not-so-flipped-out soft metal. I was wrong. Opening track “Sphere” still sounds like SOAD‘s softer (and not-so-flipped-out) moments and the singer dude have a clean voice very much alike that of Serj Tankian, but through the rest of the album I experience music I don’t have any prior relation to, but I am inexplicably drawn in. In to a musical vision of a Danish quintet’s insight to the human mind gone awry. Progressive, not always metal – still heavy, melodic – yet dark.

Cut from the Boil profile on ViciSolum Productions website:
The inspirations of “aXiom” came out of a series of interviews that BOIL (with the assistance from various mental institutions and organisations) arranged with a number of people suffering from mental disorders, especially paranoid schizophrenics suffering from delusions. Based on the extensive notes from the interview sessions the lyrical universe on “aXiom” has in a way made the album a concept album turning the songs into one joint, yet fractured, story which operates on two levels, both the experiences of paranoid schizophrenic man suffering from delusions, and the underlying philosophical discussion of “Truth” as a concept.
Heavy stuff.

There is a little for all you mallcore kids in “aXiom”, but also for any eventual grown-up reading this.

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Review by: MJ

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