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Deathcode Society – “Ite Missa Est” (2009)

ALBUM: Deathcode Society -“Ite Missa Est”
LABEL: Self-released/independent
YEAR: 2009
GENRE: Black Metal
RATING: 9.0 / 10

This is another demo (or rather a promo, that’s why I give this one a rating) within the black metal-spectrum. DCS play the symphonic kind and the first track, “The Inner Vortex”, is over nine minutes in length. For all who consider symphonic black metal to be principally wrong, think about Emperor. How important didn’t they turn out to be?

Deathcode Society is a French band, but more info than that is actually a bit hard to find. Islander at NCS tried to ask the band directly in a comment:
“Only after writing this review did I snoop around to discover who is in DCS and found some info in a few forums. Is it still Grégoire (Hectic Patterns, Djabah, Dead Season) on the drums, Benjamin (Sybreed) on vocals, and Arnaud M on the guitar, the bass, the keys, the production, the song-writing?”
Whereupon a band member answers: “Haha ! Surprise ! Some of them are still a part of the crew, some not.”

Secret line-up aside, this here promo is totally high-class, top-shelf stuff. The symphonic touch of corpse makes me think of Dimmu Borgir, but the drive in the songs – the guitars – is rather reminiscent of Norway’s Keep of Kalessin (one of my favorite bands). I have learned to appreciate both extremes within the black metal realm, but when hearing DCS I feel that “this is the shit!”

“Ita Missa Est” is a few years old, but should turn some heads even now. Currently, the band is actually working on a full-length album. To raise money for it, they have started an Indoegogo campaign. So, if you feel you are green enough, I urge you to pledge some of your dough (TK!). I will, because I really want to hear more from these Frenchmen. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I would write!

Review by: MJ

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