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Karnivore – “The Triumphant Khaoz” 2012

Karnivore - The Triumphant Khaoz" 2012
Karnivore -“The Triumphant Khaoz”
LABEL: Scarecrow Music Group
Death/Thrash Metal
RATING: 6.5 / 10

During the holidays  I got struck with something we Swedes like to call “Vinterkräksjukan” (roughly translates to: “Wintervomitsickness”). Now this hasn’t got that much to do with Karnivore other than the fact that they are from Sweden and I spent a lot of my time (in between the toilet visits) during this unpleasant period listening to “The Triumphant Khaoz”. 

It’s thrashy, it’s groovy and well executed, but still I’ve tried to put a finger on why it doesn’t get my juices flowing as it probably would have done in the past. And there lies a part of the answer. Some of the riffing on “The Triumphant Khaoz” is superb whilst some of the riffs fall short and feel way too outdated. To be totally honest, some riffs are a real bore-fest. I get the feeling that the material on this album has been written during a quite long period, (which often is the case with debut albums) leaving me with very mixed feelings: On one hand when the riffing is at its best – it really hooks you. On the other hand when it is not – it’s a big yawn. Production-wise the album is ok, maybe missing a little “punch“, but otherwise done nicely (especially with a bass-guitar that is highly audible).

The Triumphant Khaoz” is an ok debut album that has a somewhat feel of the Swedish Death/Thrash era during the late 90’s. I think we can expect a whole lot more from a possible sophomore album, now that all the old material written during the bands “growth-period” is dealt with.

Recommended tracks: Omen / Fall Into Oblivion

Review by: TK

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