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Psilocybe Larvae – “The Labyrinth of Penumbra” 2012

ALBUM: Psilocybe Larvae -“The Labyrinth of Penumbra”
LABEL: Buil2Kill Records
YEAR: 2012
GENRE: Melodic Doom/Death Metal
RATING: 7.0 / 10

Opeth and mid-era Tiamat. If that gets you excited, I have a tip for you.

Psilocybe Larvae is an established outfit coming out of Russia. They have been going since 1996 and this is their fourth album. Much of the music on “The Labyrinth of Penumbra” is progressive, mid-tempo, melodic but with tinges of brutality. Some gothicism shines through, in the legacy of Tiamat (from whom the band has taken its name), but Psilocybe Larvae have more of a Finnish approach to their compositions.

The album has good production, clean and well-rounded (using some whisky-lingo here). It works well for the music. I don’t know how their previous records sound but what we have here is clearly not some debut by a young band, but – as in reality – a mature effort by a grown-up band. Check it out!

“Penumbra” roughly means half-shadow. I didn’t know this, but it was interesting to learn. Look at this short article if you are interested.

Review by: MJ

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