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Rotten Sound – “Species at War” 2013

Rotten Sound-Species at War EP 2013
Rotten Sound -“Species at War” EP
LABEL: Relapse Records
RATING: 8.5 / 10

Every time I listen to a new Rotten Sound record I get a fuck yeah feeling. They present their grindcore just the way I like it. It is violent, fast and very angry. Staying true to the aggressive nature of grindcore, they leave no room for any subgenre bullshit that makes me lose interest in so many grind outfits these days. This EP shows once again why RS is one of the best grind bands in the world. The production is, as with any RS release, perfect for their sound. Not too “digital” and not too “garage”, just the right amount of bulldozing hate.  I hope 2013 brings us a RS full length as this EP left me wanting more.

Recommended tracks: Cause / War / Salvation

Review by: JP

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