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VA – “Best of The Abyss Compilation” 2013

Va-Best of The Abyss-Compilation 2013

So Axis of Metal has teamed up with Abyss Records and released a free compilation for Your legal downloading pleasure. So what are You waiting for? Click the cover artwork above to download this 25 songs of free metal. Or perhaps You wanna know if it’s any good? Let’s find out shall we.

The following quick reviews are written during the first spin of this compilation, so take them as first impressions rather than “full” reviews:

  1. ASTROPHOBOS (Sweden) “Soul Disruptor” taken from their upcoming 2013 full length “Remnants of Forgotten Horrors”
    -“ASTROPHOBOS with their melodic black metal, as ripped from the 90’s, is an old acquaintance.  I liked their “Arcane Secrets” EP 2009 and this track really just made me wanna hear the upcoming full-lenght even more.”  8/10
  2. DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) “Carnivore” taken from their upcoming 2013 full length “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red”
    -“Old Swedish fuckers with a past in SUFFER (brings back some nostalgia). Otherwise an average blast of  US-style Death Metal.” 5/10
  3. SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Burn it to the Ground” taken from upcoming 2013 EP “Apollonian Eyes”
    -“Thrashy death metal with punk attitude. Ok, but that’s about it.” 5/10
  4. ANGREPP (Sweden) “Five Horned Formation” taken from their 2010 full length “Warfare”
    -“More thrashy stuff, this time with a twist of black and Outlaw (of IXXI fame) on vocals. Nice groove and primitive riffing, but sadly the production is a bit too good for this type of metal.” 4.5/10
  5. CHRIST BEHEADED (U.S.) “The Cleansing Ritual” taken from their 2008 EP “Open the Gates of Hell”
    -“I think these guys have listened to MARDUK albums more than once. Unoriginal and not that exiting to be honest” 4/10
  6. BANE (Serbia) “World of Desolation” taken from their 2012 full length “The Acausal Fire”
    -“BANE had me at first riff. This is Scandinavian NO FASHION-era metal from start to finish and I love it! PS: Perhaps the drums are a bit too triggered.” 8.5/10
  7. CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) “Butchershop” taken from their 2012 full length “Composition of Flesh”
    -“I’ve seen the band name several times, but never bothered to look these youngsters up. It’s not bad actually. NWOSDM-death metal done rather well, with a nice authentic sound.” 7/10
  8. DAEMONICUS (Sweden) “Inhabited” taken from their 2012 full length “Deadwork”
    -“Weeell, since I used to be in this band for a couple of years I’m not really gone rate this. All I can say is that these guys have really evolved since I was in the band. Quality death metal from Sweden.”
  9. DESULTOR (Sweden) “Another World” taken from their 2012 full length “Masters of Hate”
    -“When those vocals entered I was all like: “WTF?!”,but then I discovered I fucking like it. Technical Death Metal with clean vocals that lean towards Warrel Dane of NEVERMORE. Sounds fresh and needs to be investigated further.” 7.5/10
  10. DISEIM (Latvia) “Insanity” taken from their 2012 full length “Holy Wrath”
    -“I like the sound of the bass-guitar. Doomy Death Metal and this is not my cup of coffee at all.” 3.5/10
  11. ENTRENCH (Sweden) “As Dawn Breaks” taken from their 2011 full length “Inevitable Decay”
    -“ENTRENCH is one of these bands that popped of in the mid-00’s when Swedish youngsters decided that Thrash Metal is the new black. They do it rather well, but as much as I like the feeling of old-school I am not a big fan of the production here. It lacks all forms of “Ooomph!”.” 5/10
  12. ERUPTED (Sweden) “In the Grip of Chaos” taken from their 2012 full length “In the Grip of Chaos”
    -“More youngsters that have found their way into death metal. So this is the band that used to call themselves CARNIVORE, glad they took care of that since there is only one CARNIVORE (Peter Steele R.I.P.). Brutal Old School Death Metal from a band that aren’t really there yet, but I bet they get there soon as long as they keep on trying.” 4.5/10
  13. ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) “Echoes Through Our Blood” taken from their 2012 full length “Against All Odds”
    -“It feels like I already heard this; except the band was called something else, it was released on Hammerheart Records and it was 1996. It’s really not that bad, but not that exiting either, basic black metal. PS: Somebody forgot to check the MP3, it skips like a motherfucker towards the end.” 5/10
  14. FETUS STENCH (Sweden) “Stillborn Son” taken from their 2012 full length “Stillbirth”
    -“Now this was some nice blasting Death Metal. Emil Wikstén of BLOOD RED THRONE/AEON is one helluva drummer. Nice catchy riffing and vocals that work.” 7/10
  15. FESTER (Norway) “The Black Tower” taken from their 2012 full length “A Celebration of Death”
    -“FESTER’s “Winter of Sin” (1992) is a classic and I also liked “Silence” (1994). This however is not specially good and the programmed drums are not to my liking. This song feels like its never gonna end. Please end soon….” 2.5/10
  16. HUMANGLED (Italy) “Skinned, to Feel All” taken from their 2012 EP “Odd Ethics”
    -“The intro-riff is stupid. Ok, I think that the band is going for some PUNGENT STENCH/ late CARCASS groove? Yes. The chorus sounds stupid.  The clean guitar sounds out-of-tune? Nah, this was not my thing.” 3/10
  17. HAT (Norway) “Tilintetgjørelsen” taken from their 2011 full length “Vortex of Death”
    -“I’m glad I’m Scandinavian and know the meaning of the word HAT, in “English” a band name like that would just be stupid. Anyways, once again programmed drums destroy the feeling here. Norwegian Black Metal as it usually sound like but with vocals that differ from the normal. The vocalist sounds insane at times reminding me of the eminent Rainer Landfermann and just for that this gets a better score.” 7.5/10 
  18. MAAX (U.S.) “Fight With Fire” taken from their 2011 full length “Unholy Rock & Roll”
    -“Now waaaaait a minute now!! This track is a total rip-off. This is essentially “Fucked by Fire” by Swedish BEWITCHED [From “Spritual Warfare” CD 2006]. Fuck this!! Ok, not 100% rip-off, but I much rather just listen to “the original” with BEWITCHED instead.” 3.5/10 
  19. HYPERBOREAN (Sweden) “The Last Stand of Leonidas and the Battle of Thermopylae” taken from their 2011 full length “The Spirit of Mankind”
    -“Keyboards….intro….Melodic Black Metal that sounds promising at first, but what’s up with the vocals? It sounds more like shouting than the “traditional” black metal vocals that we are used of hearing. Or, well Mårten Björkman of ALGAION also has a similiar style. No, I’m sorry….the vocals are shit. I’m skipping to the next track.” 2.5./10
  20. NOCTIS IMPERIUM (Venezuela) “Descensus ad inferos” taken from their 2010 EP “Nihil”
    -“Ooooohh, exotic. I’m not sure I’ve ever listened to a band from Venezuela. Impressive drumming, my first thought was drum-machine, but I’ll be damned, it’s Nicholas Barker (ex. CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR etc.). Still, it sound too much like a drummachine  due to the triggering. What about the music? I sort of forgot to listen to it since the drums are so high up in the mix. I guess this is ok black/death metal. Maybe I would have ended the song differently?” 5/10
  21. RADIATION SICKNESS (U.S.) “Tripping in the Seas of Madness” taken from their 2012 full lenth “Reflections of a Psychotic Past”
    -“The guitars go like*Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga*. This is quite nice Heavy US Death Metal. Unlike what Metal-Archives says there’s no Thrash Metal/Crossover to be found here. My lips are now pouting like all these pictures of teengirls wanting to look like a duck on their facebook presentation. In Sweden we call this “Anknäbb” and do the face sometimes when the death metal is heavy and gets the head slightly banging.” 6/10
  22. ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Necropolis” taken from their 2012 full length “Rock ‘n’ Rott”*
    -“Acoustic intro…PUNGENT STENCH-groove enter. This is groovy but I’m not loving the vocals. Wonder why this band is not on Metal-Archives? Not TRVE enough or nobody bothered adding them? This is ok, but not really my thing.” 5/10
  23. SOUTHWICKED (U.S.) “Green River Killing Fields” taken from their 2012 full length “Death’s Crown”
    -“If I didn’t know that this was a US band I’d guessed that it was one of Rogga Johanssons many projects. There’s really not that much happening at the moment. I wonder if this is the chorus? Does this song have a chorus? This riff sounds like a slow-motion version of an OBITUARY-riff. Still nothing happening…this track was boring….or wait? Naah, it’s just the opening riff that came back to end the song.” 4/10
  24. The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “Don’t Look Back” taken from their 2012 EP “It All Fades”
    -“Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid band-name  Luckily the music doesn’t seem to be as stupid. I’m nodding my head…and there, the “anknäbb” entered. Nice guitar-melodies. I like the vocalist, reminds me of some classic Swedish death metal vocalist, can’t pin-point it though. Not really loving the doomy vocals, nor hating. Thanks to the stupid band-name I never bothered to check out this Death/Doom Metal band, but I’m glad I got to hear them now though.” 7/10
  25. The GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) “The Judge” taken from their 2012 Reissued full length “…the Awakening”
    -“So this is from 2004. Never really got into The GATES OF SLUMBER and this old recording isn’t really helping the cause. Naah, this kind of Doom Metal is not for me.” 4.5/10

Well, I just spent 2 hours writing the above and will not spend any more time checking whether I made any typos or simply just wrote stupid shit. Let’s just publish this shit and get it over with.
PS: This was actually rather fun, perhaps I should do this live sometime?

Written by: TK

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