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Call of the Void – “Dragged Down a Dead End Path” 2013

Call of the Void - "Dragged down a dead end path" 2013
 Call of the Void – “Dragged Down a Dead End Path”
Relapse Records
RATING: 5.0 / 10

When a band describe themselves as a mix between Napalm Death, Mastodon and Pig destroyer my expectations are set really high. Unfortunately they are not met this time. This record is like playing a good race-car video game that suffers from small bugs and glitches. You got a perfect flow, and all of a sudden you smash into a brick wall that wasn’t there on the previous laps. When COTW is grinding and crusting away like there isn’t a tomorrow, I’m feeling that perfect flow. But then comes that brick wall, in a form of an under-performed sludge mix. I get what they are aiming for and on tracks like “Abomination” they really succeed. But over all that brick wall is there to put me off. The furious vocals earn them an extra point though.

Recommended tracks: Abomination

Review by: JP

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  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the review dude, even though it was not in our favor.

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