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Demented – “Across the Nature’s Stillness” 2012


 Demented – “Across the Nature’s Stillness”
Klonosphere Records
Death metal
RATING: 8.0 / 10

Following up on their 2 year old debut “Fields of Suffering“, Demented are back. They continue on the path that they created on the first album. Blasting death metal, with a melodic hook that makes me think of Gojira. But by no means are they a Gojira clone. There is a constant darkness that haunts the songs, one reason is the vocalist Nessim´s ability to convince me that he is pouring out all his hatred as he his is growling from the top of his lungs. Very articulate, and with his own way of expression. The second reason is the lead guitar, there is a melodic hook that sounds of pure darkness. This over all a very good album, there isn´t really anything to complain about. With the right promotion, and the chance to play with the right bands Demented will be put on the death metal map as a band to be reckoned with. If you like your death metal pitch black like Behemoth and with a technical twist like Decapitated, then this is something you should set your sight on.

Recommended tracks: Reviving Fire / Psycho Pomp

Review by: JP

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