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Snakeskin Angels – “Follow the Snake to the Core” 2013

ALBUM: Snakeskin Angels -“Follow the Snake to the Core”
LABEL: Lake of Fire Productions
YEAR: 2013
GENRE: Heavy Metal
RATING: 4.0 / 10

I have missed the whole 70’s revival of heavy rock. I haven’t heard a note of Graveyard or Rival Sons and whatever Ghost (can you spell “hyped”?) that did reach my ears certainly didn’t stick. But now it’s time for me to analyze the debut full-length of Gothenburg, Sweden’s Snakeskin Angels, and for the first time in 2013 I’m put in the bluesy, psychedelic back rooms of a disco-era rock club. Continue reading to learn if I like it.

The band has been around since ’08 (on Facebook since December 2010 – I know that’s how you count presence), consisting of members from various local groups of shadow walkers, playing their heavy metal, internally dubbed “Luciferian Rock ‘n Roll”. They seem to have reached a certain following and I know that there is a demand for this kind of music now, since the aforementioned bands have become so popular.

The music behind the gimmick, Luciferian Rock ‘n Roll, sounds like a mix of Black Sabbath, Danzig and Mustasch. Are Mustasch known outside of Sweden? You know what? Forget about Mustasch, and just think of the first two. Snakeskin Angels are close to not being metal at all, and almost fails to get me interested in the least.

The songs are kinda weak, and way too catchy in their weakness to give the kind of depth I’m looking for in a great record. But if your mind is somewhere in the 70’s along with the rest of your future, maybe this band could fill some kind of hole while you are still trying to rebel against electro pop. The song “The Fire Omega” is really bad/annoying. Still, the album is short in total, so they’ve got that going for them (I mean it, that really is a good thing). But fuck the intro!

I actually have the chance of catching these guys on-stage this weekend. Maybe that will help them get to me. I doubt it…

Review by: MJ

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