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Von – “Satanic Blood” 2012

 Von -”Satanic Blood”
LABEL: Von Records
Black Metal
RATING: 3.0 / 10

The debut album by this infamous band was anticipated by many. They have built a respectable fanbase in the underground throughout the years. They have mostly thrived in the “true black metal” section, mainly because Varg Vikernes wore their t-shirt in his murder trials and because the popular band Watain have taken their name after a song by Von.

As a fan and supporter of that scene myself, i was curious to see what these guys had to offer, after almost twenty years of silence. I gave it a few listens but i was not impressed at all. The sound is good but it is overfilled with songs that pretty much sound the same, making the album repetitive and eventually boring. 19 songs are contained in this release, which is almost an hour long in duration, with that in mind one would expect some sort of song variety and it cannot be found anywhere here. It would me a lot more pleasing if it had like half of the songs it has now, which is not an irrational idea, considered that they have re-recorded almost all their old songs and put them in here. Very few tracks in this “new” full length are actually new compositions by the band.

Musically, the band follows the same pattern for everything, and repeats it in every song. The guitar/bass/drums play under a specific pace again and again, while the riffs of both the guitar and the bass are mediocre and, in the end, a bit soulless. The production and sound of the album is good in general, despite the fact that the drums are too loud at some parts. They have just repeated the same raw black/death style they played back in 1990, missing the fact that the genre has progressed since then.

In overall, i believe “Satanic Blood” might appeal to the die hard fans since it is nothing more than what they have listened to death before, there is not a single step taken forward and I’m skeptic about the second album they are already working on to be released this March.

Recommended tracks: Watain / Litanies of Von

Review by: VS

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  1. BreadGod says:

    Satanic Blood is the most overrated demo in all of black metal. You can read my review of it here:

    I’ll write up a review of the rerecorded version pretty soon.

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