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Aosoth – “IV: Arrow in Heart” 2013

Aosoth - "IV: An Arrow in Heart" 2013
 Aosoth -”IV: Arrow in Heart”
LABEL: Agonia Records
Black Metal
RATING: 9.0 / 10

France has been a country with an interesting and energetic black metal outlay, covering a plethora of styles and subcategories of the genre. From the ashes of The Black Legions in the late 90’s and early 00’s grew a new wave of musicians, much more talented and mature, Aosoth being one of the leading acts in there.

The latest offering “IV: Arrow In Heart” carves a path even more hellish than what they’ve done in the past, worshiping the orthodox element in both sound and lyrical theme. One can easily recognize the Deathspell Omega or Svartidauði touch in the songs and the sound has become more clear than the first  susurrous, but still great albums. The production here touches perfection, all the instruments are crystal clear and the hypnotic ambiance is present in between the fast and slow parts.

The length has also grew even longer, varying from 7 to 14 minutes, apart from the two interlude compositions. The album places the listener into a pitch-black void from the very first seconds and procceeds with a bombardment of droning and mesmerizing riffs without any introduction. The whole musical synthesis is beautifully cloaked the cold and murmurous voice of MkM, the vocalist of the band, unique frontman in general.

The albums is not of those that can be understood and assimilated with one listen or two, the listener has to devote time on it. It is, to me, by far the quintessential album by them to date. Aosoth have sculpted a masterpiece of orthodox black metal and it sure is one of the highlights of the year.

Recommended tracks: Under Nails & Fingertips / Ritual Marks Of Penitence

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