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Blood Tsunami – “For Faen!” 2013

Blood Tsunami-For Faen 2013
 Blood Tsunami – “For Faen”
Indie Recordings
Thrash metal
RATING: 9.0 / 10

This Norwegian thrash outfit went from being one in a million, and to be honest very boring, to a kick ass outfit with big fucking balls. There was a long silence from the previous record “Grand Feast for Vultures” and according to the band that was mainly due to their playtime with side project Mongo Ninja. I am glad that they had this break. They came back as a new band. They took the rock’n’roll attitude from Mongo Ninja, put it into a blender with some punk and a whole lot of razor sharp thrash. The result it “For Faen!” (“For the devil” or “For fuck’s sake” in Norwegian) a record with tons of attitude and really good songs through and through.  I am on my 10th spin and it just keeps getting better. No matter if you´re a fan of old school thrash or punk or even fast and raw rock n roll, you will enjoy this record. The bands own description hits the hammer straight on the nail, “Thrash played by punks!”

Recommended tracks: Metal Fang / The Rape of Nanking

Review by: JP

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