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Deathcrush – “Collective Brain Infektion” 2013


 Deathcrush – “Collective Brain Infektion”
Casket Music
Death metal
RATING: 8 / 10

Old school Death metal from Italy that rages on in a high speed inferno with vicious melodies. This is my cup of tea! You can find traces of US bands Immolation and Incantation, add some melodic hooks and you’re on the spot. When I say melodic hooks, I do not mean your typical melodic death Disney melodies. Imagine bands like Unanimated and Eucharist, dark and ominous melodies. However they never let go of that US sounding death metal, it’s just used as a spice to make the songs more interesting. They put if all together with vocalist that sounds very convincing, and that is a welcome feature in today’s death metal scene, that is over populated with pig squeals, inhale vocals and pitch effects. The only thing I don´t like about this album is the plastic sounding snare drum. This however is something that you get used to during the dark journey of “Collective Brain Infektion”, and by the last song you’re not as bothered by it anymore. This record is for anyone that likes good solid death metal.

Recommended tracks: Venomous Priest Of Deception /  Slaves Of Hypocrisy

Review by: JP

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