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Scent of Death – “Of Martyrs’s Agony and Hate” 2013


 Scent of Death – “Of Martyrs’s Agony and Hate”
Pathologically Explicit Recordings
Death metal
RATING: 8 / 10

Spanish technical Death metal, now that´s not something you hear every day. Even though tech death is one of my favorite genres, I´m always skeptic when I´m about to listen to a tech death band I never heard before. Simply for the reason that a lot of the bands in this genre are competing in a big pissing contest. They don´t really write songs, they try to outshine everyone else in the ability to play as technical as possible. There is a handful of bands that merges their skills with solid song writing. These bands are what make this genre so kick ass. Scent of Death falls into this category. The songs are technical yet groovy, and there is a nerve that keeps the songs interesting throughout the whole record. Added to that are the vocals that reminds me of bands like Origin, which gives the songs the intensity that makes you lose your breath. Scent of Death shows the world what tech death is all about. Speed, intensity, musicianship and good solid song writing.

Recommended tracks: Sear me in a sea of snakes / The enemy of my enemy

Review by: JP

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