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The Amenta – “Flesh is Heir” 2013

The Amenta - "Flesh is Heir" 2013
 The Amenta – “Flesh is Heir”
LABEL: Listenable Records
Industrial Death Metal
RATING: 8.0 / 10

Third album from Australia’s The Amenta kicks off like their previous work: A dark industrial wall that breaks out into lightning fast death metal. Although this album is much more “organic” than the previous, fans of the old stuff will not be disappointed.

A thing that always put me off with The Amenta, was that it always felt like they used the ambient tracks as a filler. It never felt like they were a part of the rest of the record. This has changed on “Flesh is heir”. Now the ambient tracks bring certain darkness to the massive wall of industrial sounds and death metal madness. The Amenta have manage to create a unique record with solid songs that captures your imagination, and takes you on a pitch black journey through the land of death metal.

Recommended tracks: Teeth / Obliterate’s Prayer and Sewer

Review by: JP

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