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Thyrfing – “De Ödeslösa” 2013

Thyrfing - "De Odeslosa" 2013
Thyrfing -“De Ödeslösa”
LABEL: NoiseArt Records
YEAR: 2013
GENRE: Viking/Black Metal
RATING: 8.0 / 10

It came to my attention, after this review went live, that it wasn’t Jens Rydén doing the clean vocals on this album. It was a guy named Toni Kocmut. Sorry about that. Still, I leave the review as is, only you mind this error.

I picked up this record when I understood that ex-Naglfar vocalist Jens Rydén nowadays has a home in Thyrfing. I really liked his style of singing, and was very surprised when I heard he jumped ship (pun very intended) in 2005, and went his way. Now he is backed up by more symphonic arrangements, and his deep growls almost drowns completely when there’s so much else going on. A pity, but fitting in some respects.

We also hear him sing clean vocals, which are good but don’t match the music perfectly.
One thing I’d rather be completely without is the whining noises he makes in the first syllables of close to half of the words. It’s like Anders Fridén has infected Mr. Rydén with whatever disease he has carried the last five-or-so years.
Well, this whining aside, the vocals are still evil enough to carry the music, and it’s nice to, yet again, hear some Swedish lyrics.

Did I just spend the whole review describing/complaining about the vocals?
A few words about the music then: Smooth! Viking! Black! I really dig “De Ödeslösa”. I feel it’s the kind of album that will be playable for a long time.

Well, there you go. But I’m also so kind to you that I actually have translated all the titles for you here:

# Title Translation
1. “Mot Helgrind” Towards Gate of Hel
2. “Fordom” Before/In the Olden Days
3. “Veners förfall” Decadence of Veins
4. “Illvilja” Ill will (not the band Illwill)/Malice
5. “Kamp” Battle
6. “Relik” Relic
7. “Vindöga” Cross-eye (as in “cross-eyed”, but I think they want it to be something like “Wind eye” or “Eye in/of Wind”)
8. “De Ödeslösa” The Fateless (refers to Ask and Embla in the lyrics)

Norse mythology is the shit. Check out this squirrel!

Review by: MJ

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