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Apolokia – “Kathaarian Vortex” 2013 —

ALBUM: Apolokia – “Kathaarian Vortex” LABEL: My Kingdom Music YEAR: 2013 GENRE: Black Metal WEBSITE:  link RATING: 1.0/10 – When a band can harvest the cold raw essence of black metal, they can create something truly good. For some reason raw has been associated with shitty productions. That to me is just lazy. This record is lazy, the production is […]

Ghost – “Infestissumam” 2013 —

ALBUM: Ghost – “Infestissumam” LABEL: Loma Vista Recordings YEAR: 2013 GENRE: Dirty Hippy Satanist Retro Rock WEBSITE: link RATING: 4.0/10 – The most important thing to remember about Ghost is that they probably were always likely to disappoint us in the long run. Opus Eponymous, 2010’s tremendously catchy and intoxicating debut, had the benefit of surprise […]

Aborym – “Dirty” 2013 —

ALBUM:  Aborym – “Dirty” LABEL:  Agonia Records YEAR: 2013 GENRE: Industrial/Black Metal WEBSITE:  link RATING: 8.0/10 – Aborym has always walked their own path. And they have always been on the verge to finding the perfect recipe for a cold and raw mix between industrial landscapes and black metal. And I think they finally found it. They have […]

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