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Aborym – “Dirty” 2013

  Aborym – “Dirty”
Agonia Records
Industrial/Black Metal
RATING: 8.0/10

Aborym has always walked their own path. And they have always been on the verge to finding the perfect recipe for a cold and raw mix between industrial landscapes and black metal. And I think they finally found it. They have been close a few times before, but not just there.

On “Dirty” they bring it all together, it feels like you are being dragged through a dark industrial landscape while someone is piercing your eardrum with raw black metal. It is hard to describe the feeling “Dirty” brings out, I think that the best way is to listen to it, and judge for one self. The production goes hand in hand with the music, raw and very cold. Still nothing gets lost, every little dirty sound is there to make it sound even more eerie. A damn good band that took their brand of music one step further with this record.

Recommended tracks: Bleedthrough / Face the Reptile

Review by: JP

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