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Altars / Heaving Earth – “Engulfed” Split MC 2012

Altars/Heaving Earth - "Engulfed" Split MC 2012
 Altars / Heaving Earth -“Engulfed” Split MC
LABEL: Nihilistic Holocaust
Death Metal /Death Metal
RATING: 5.5 / 10 | 5.0 / 10

Just the idea that I in 2012 get sent a cassette makes me all warm and fuzzy (Or, well I actually didn’t get the music on cassette, but a CD+MC cover). The return of the analog is welcomed, since that’s what I grew up with. And with that said, over to the actual review….

Altars is a death metal outfit from Adelaide, South Australia. I quite like this filthy death metal that they got going on, it’s rather refreshing to hear something as organic as this in todays computer-age. I’m not really sure if I love the vocals though, that sadly are a bit too low in the mix most of the time. I love the drumwork though! 5.5/10

The first thing that strikes you with Heaving Earth, hailing from the Czech Republic, is the difference in production. While Altars had  an organic sound, Heaving Earth has a more modern touch to them. Musically this reminds a bit of Morbid Angel with splashes of Hate Eternal. All in all this is good and well executed death metal, but offers little, if anything, new to the genre. 5.0/10

♠Recommended tracks: Altars – Descent (Pramnesia, part I)

Review by: TK

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