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Amorphis – “Circle” 2013

  Amorphis – “Circle”
Nuclear Blast
Modern Rock/Melodic Metal, Doom/Death Metal
RATING: 8.0/10

Amorphis is one of those bands that always explored and ventured outside their own genre. Using unconventional instruments and ways to write songs, more on some records than others. But unlike many other bands in the same genre, they never surrendered to the bandwagon.

They never did a Paradise lost and tried their chances as a pop outfit, and they never fell for that grunge trap like so many else. I could count a handful of other bandwagons they never jumped on. Granted that their style have been the thing everyone wants to play at the moment. But if you already played that type of music since long before it was “the thing” you are allowed to enjoy the success that follows.

“Circle” sounds like Amorphis always have. Strong melodies, with powerful choruses, excellent death metal flirts and a healthy dose of Sisters of mercy. Fans of the band will not be disappointed, and hopefully new fans will discover them. It’s a wonder that they aren’t bigger than they are.

Recommended tracks: Shades of Gray / Narrow Path

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Review by: JP

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