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Apolokia – “Kathaarian Vortex” 2013

 Apolokia – “Kathaarian Vortex”
My Kingdom Music
Black Metal
RATING: 1.0/10

When a band can harvest the cold raw essence of black metal, they can create something truly good. For some reason raw has been associated with shitty productions. That to me is just lazy. This record is lazy, the production is lazy (not raw), the riffs are lazy, the vocals are lazy, the drum programming is lazy, even the usage of samples is lazy. I bet these guys spent more time making a cool logo and taking cool promo pictures than writing and recording this album. It´s an art to create something so raw with a feeling so real that you get dragged into a pitch black darkness. This record just gives me a headache.

Recommended tracks: None as they all sound the same

Review by: JP

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