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Eclectika – “Lure of Ephemeral Beauty” 2012


 Eclectika -“Lure of Ephemeral Beauty”
LABEL: Asylum Ruins Records
Experimental/Post-Black Metal
RATING: 3.0 / 10

The artwork and layout for Eclectika‘s third fullenght album “Lure of Ephemereal Beauty” is stunning, everthing from the cover to the 12-page booklet. But this is sadly the thing that impresses me the most with this French constellations latest offering. The packaging promises something awesome, but I ended up having a hard time even getting through the album during my listening sessions. And I partly blame the layout that makes me think of the Swedish expression “Skit i lyxförpackning” (roughly translates to: “shit in luxury packaging”).

The biggest problem with Eclectika‘s experimental/post-black metal is not the songwriting though, it’s the production. After a majestic intro entitled “Through the Supernova Remnant” everything that has been building up for about three minutes just implodes. The production is simply way too stale and amateurish in order to match what the packaging promises. I also have a hard time with the female vocals. I’ve got nothing against female vocals in general, but the vocals from Noémie are of the very operatic kind and sadly not always really in tune (or maybe they are in tune, but not with the music). They do although work fine every now and then. As for example in the track “Sweet Melancholia”, which although feels more like some sort of interlude than an actual song on the album.

The song “Handicapped Sex in an Mental Orgy” wins some points due to its title, sadly it doesn’t really deliver all that much except for a promising title. And that’s pretty much what could be said about the whole album. It promises much layout-wise, but delivers little musically. My eyes say: “Yes yes!”, but my ears say: “No no!!”

♠Recommended tracks: Through the Supernova Remnant

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