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Persefone – “Spiritual Migration” 2013

ALBUM: Persefone – “Spiritual Migration”
LABEL: ViciSolum Productions
YEAR: 2013
GENRE: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
RATING: 9.5 / 10

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Having done that, I still need to clarify some things.

I find “Spiritual Migration” to be an album (I don’t know how the previous record’s sound) very much influenced by American modern death metal. Or metalcore if you will. But with a finesse, and a flair for creating something more than just a bunch of heavy breakdowns.

We get a lot of breethers with 6,5 instrumental tracks out of 13. A total of some 70 minutes of music. This is strange. I shouldn’t like that. I usually detest intros and outros and other instrumental bullshit. But on this album, it all comes together in such a wonderful ending result.

I also generally dislike albums more than 45 minutes in length (a legacy of my cassette copying days?) but time flies while listening to this masterpiece. Yes, masterpiece. If you didn’t see the score before reading this far I can tell you now that this is in all respects a positive review.

It took me some time to really get into “Spiritual Migration”. I was on the verge of writing it off as a “meh” for this month’s Against The Wall when it clicked and I started to appreciate all the details. After that, it just kept on growing. I could have done with a bit stronger clean vocals, but other than that this album is such a slam dunk that I still have a hard time grasping that fact.

Oh, and did you get that the band comes from Andorra?!

Review by: MJ

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