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Against the Wall – June 2013

Immolation – “Kingdom of Conspiracy”
LABEL: Nuclear Blast Records
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): I love Robert Vigna. In fact, I wanna replicate the movie “Twins” and have a baby with him. He can be Schwarzenegger and I’ll be DeVito. 7.0/10

(MJ): Pretty fucking brutal. If hippies would call their music chillax, I’d say “Kingdom of Conspiracy” is killax! 8.0/10

(VS): Nearly flawless. Read full review here8.5/10

(JP): One of the best death metal bands in the world, hell one of the best bands in the world all genres! As always when it comes to Immolation this is pure death metal perfection. Not many bands possesses the gift to create such a complete album. 10/10

(CÄ): Immolation ought to teach Blood Red Throne how it is suppposed to be done! 8.0/10

Leprous – “Coal”
LABEL: InsideOut Music
GENRE: Progressive Metal

(TK): I’ve been listening to this album for about a month now. At first on a digital promo and for the past weeks in the form of vinyl.  It’s Devin, It’s Muse, It’s Leprous. I wanna welcome Einar Solberg to the hall of  great voices within metal! This is modern progressive metal at its absolute best!!!  9.5/10

(MJ): I was running through the list of ATW albums when this one came on right after getting pummelled by Immolation for 40 minutes. I thought, “what the hell is this?!”, but was soon put in a dreamlike state of mind and loved most every minute of “Coal”. 9.5/10

(VS): Pretty sweet music, lots of clean vocals. 7.0/10

(JP): The first thing that pops in to my mind is how powerful the vocals are. They sometimes remind me of Devin Townsend, and the vocal patterns are really exciting. But after the smoke clears up I realize that I don´t find the songs that good. However, there is at least one or two passages in every song that is really good. But in the long run it falls a little flat for me. 6.5/10

(CÄ): With an eccentric, yet distinctive sound, Leprous sure know how to challenge its listeners. However, the more I try to understand their aim, the less I seem to be able to get my head around it. I don’t know if it’s the vocals, with its somewhat musical-ish approach, or the very music itself that does it. One thing’s for sure though: it’s everything but predictable! 7.0/10

Dark Tranquillity – “Construct”
LABEL: Century Media Records
GENRE: Melodic Death Metal

(TK): Oh boy! did I love “The Gallery” at one time in my life. I still do. This is the best DT has done in a while, but still I am not sadly in love with it. 6.5/10

(MJ): Historically, I have always loved Stanne’s clean vocals. This time they sound like a big bag of cheese. The guitars are kind of cautious but the drumming is more calculated than ever. The overall result is great and reminds me a lot of “Haven”. Also, I love cheese. 8.5/10

(VS): I don’t have the Gothenburg syndrome but I can see the quality of this genre-defining band. Solid album, but to me it feels like its a little bit lower than level Dark Tranquillity7.5/10

(JP): As one of the originators of the Gothenburg sound, Dark tranquillity, has a big legacy to live up. They have never been afraid to experiment with other sounds and elements. I think this record is their best attempt so far when it comes to experimenting. 8.0/10

(CÄ): Another solid release from one of Sweden’s cornerstones, when it comes to melodic death metal. 7.5/10

Evile – “Skull”
LABEL: Earache Records
GENRE: Thrash Metal

(TK): Well now, if this was a blind-test I’d probably guess that this is a new album from Finnish thrashers Am I Blood.  Matt Drakes and Janne Kerminens vocals are uncanningly similar at times. Thrash with a strong Metallica-vibe!  7.5/10

(MJ): A very unbalanced album. 6.0/10

(VS): Decent thrash metal, but not above the rest of the average bands in the genre. 6.0/10

(JP): No bullshit thrash is always a good thing in my book. Keeping the same concept from their first album all the way up to present day, making them a reliable source of quality thrash. Energetic riffs, good vocals, catchy hooks. What more do you need? 8.0/10

(CÄ): For a Metallica fanboy like myself (up to and including the black album) this really speaks to me in the best of ways. I’m getting some serious “Master Of Puppets”– and “…And Justice For All”-era vibes and it doesn’t exactly hurt that Matt Drake sounds a lot like James Hetfield did when he was still in his prime. Excellent stuff! 8.5/10

Blood Red Throne – “Blood Red Throne”
LABEL: Sevared Records
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): Not as good as my personal favourite “Come Death” (2007), but as always a piece of brilliant bashing death metal. Tends to remind quite a lot of Cannibal Corpse from time to time, both musically and vocal-wise. 7.5/10

(MJ): Meh++ 5.5/10

(VS): Amazing music, a couple of funny song titles. It should be an inspiration to the modern death metal bands, because this is how its done. 8.5/10

(JP): Death metal rules the extreme metal world and Blood Red Throne is a perfect example why! 9.0/10

(CÄ): BRT ought to listen and learn from Immolation 5.0/10

Sacrilegious Impalement – “III: Lux Infera”
LABEL: Woodcut Records
GENRE: Black Metal

(TK): Do you like Marduk & Watain? If the answer is yes, you’ll like this. Do you like Marduk, Watain, No Fashion Records and Unanimated? You’ll love this! 8.0/10

(MJ): With the risk of upsetting our mighty chief, TK: this album is not very good. (Well, your taste in music sucks!  / Ed. TK) . 4.0/10

(VS): I once listened to their debut and it was nothing fancy. This album is way better but still sounds like a Watain wannabe band, mixed with some finnish BM elements. 6.5/10

(JP): Black metal with fast blast beats and dark melodies is always a winner in my book (You are always a winner in my book, JP / Ed. TK)8.0/10

(CÄ): At a speed of 666 mph, through the land of the thousand lakes! 6.0/10


The Dillinger Escape Plan – “One of Us is The Killer”
LABEL: Sumerian Records
GENRE: Mathcore/Experimental Metal/Art rock/Jazz Fusion

(TK): It’s like a Rage Against The Machine,  but more metallic, complex and angrier! I love it, but at the same time I hate it. It’s like doing math, only that TDEP doesn’t always get 1+1 to = 2. 7.0/10

(MJ): A difficult album to approach (much like System of a Down), but with a few golden nuggets in it. The title track is a really good rock song. 6.0/10

(VS): The only band in that genre I find bearable. I don’t really get this kind of noise, but its a bit entertaining. 6.0/10

(JP): The Dillinger Escape Plan is a band that makes me feel old and grumpy. They have some elements that are really good, but then comes the spazzed out chaos which I really don’t get. 5.0/10

(CÄ): If one of my favourite bands – Änglagård – were to cross over to extreme metal, this is what I think they would sound like. Organized chaos at its very best! 8.0/10

ALBUM: A Pale Horse Named Death – “Lay My Soul to Waste”
LABEL: Steamhammer
GENRE: Doom/Gothic Metal

(TK): Type O Negative vibes mixed with grunge and modern American rock. It’s light-years from the brilliance ToN once blessed us with, but still it has some groove. 5.0/10

(MJ): Not my new favorite record.  3.0/10

(VS): This sounds like a darker version of Alice In Chains, or inevitably, like Type O Negative. Check it if you like slow and murky songs with interesting poetic lyrics. 7.0/10

(JP): There is no doubt that this is a band with former Type O Negative members. Already in the first seconds of “Shallow Grave” you almost expect to hear Peter Steeles voice to kick in. When the vocals do kick in though, your thoughts wander to Alice in Chains, and another band associated with APHND , namely Life of Agony. This album never reaches the quality of the mentioned bands though. It’s not a bad record, but nothing that makes my heart skip a beat either. 6.0/10

(CÄ): APHND reminds me of Type O Negative, at times, which appeals to me to some extent. However, even though vocalist Sal Abruscato has a past in the aforesaid band, he sure is no Peter Steele (R.I.P.). 6.0/10

ALBUM: Thou Art Lord – “The Regal Pulse of Lucifer”
LABEL: Nuclear War Now! Productions
GENRE: Black/Death/Thrash Metal

(TK): I loved Thou Art Lord back in 1994. In fact I loved most  Greek black & death metal back in those days, “Thy Mighty Contract”, “His Majesty at the Swamp”, “Mystic Places of Dawn”. “The Regal Pulse of Lucifer” is a nice reminder of a time that once was. 6.5/10

(MJ): Next, please. Hey, wait. Did they actually steal the Game of Thrones-theme on the last song when it fades out? 3.0/10

(VS): Demonstrates what the guys like to play, caring more for decent music than originality. A nice comeback. 8.0/10

(JP): I find this record very boring. The thrashy hooks are ok, but the rest of the album just runs on fumes. Not for me! 2.0/10

(CÄ): When Christopher Lee can teach you a thing or two about how it’s ought to be done, you’ll know you’re not exactly the equivalence of quality! 2.0/10

 Christopher Lee– “Charlemagne: The Omens of Death”
LABEL: Charlemagne Productions Ltd.
GENRE: Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal, Symphonic Rock

(TK): I respect Christopher Lee as an actor. I respect Christopher Lee as the vocalist of a Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal/Symphonic Rock band. Christopher Lee is (and forever) will be Dracula. I do although not like this album. 2.5/10

(MJ): There’s no denying that this youngster is a fantastic line-reader. But as a vocalist: not awesome. And I can’t figure out why anyone would want their instruments to sound so soggy. “Massacre of the Saxons” is the most stupendous song so far this decade. 1.5/10

(VS): Too much respect for this guy, almost a century old and still an active actor and musician. There’s a lot of narrating of battles in a Saruman voice, samples, and of course heavy metal. 7.0/10

(JP): I want to like this so much. I’m like a little child stomping his foot in the ground screaming…I want to, I want to! But “Charlemange: The Omens of Death” makes it so hard for me. One point for the music, six points to Christopher Lee movie legend who records a metal album at the age of 91. There is not enough respect in the world! 7.0/10

(CÄ): Tolkien goes melodramatic slap stick metal. Jeez! 3.0/10

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