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Children of Bodom – “Halo of Blood” 2013

Children of Bodom – “Halo of Blood”
LABEL: Spinefarm Records
YEAR: 2013
GENRE: Melodic Death/Power Metal
RATING: 8.0 / 10

Children of Bodom must have one of the most consistent line-ups in the history of metal. An overstatement, of corpse, but it’s amazing that the band only have once changed their rhythm guitarist over the course of 16 years. I own all the albums up to “Blooddrunk” but I always thought they peaked with “Follow the Reaper”, and every later release being the weaker. Now, these Finns are back with a vengeance and already the artwork promise great things. It really is awesome to see a one-color Reaper after the last few rotten covers.

I’ll say it directly: the music sounds exactly like I want the CoB to sound. It feels like Alexi doesn’t have the same level of power in his voice anymore, but the guitarwork is glistening and up there with the best of their material. I was really surprised when I first listened to this album and it totally exceeded all expectations.

The album is completely guitar driven, with less keyboards than I remember the band having. Warman is a great keyboardist, but I like these levels. A little more bass register in the spectrum would have been great, but the guitars sound sharp as hell like this, and isn’t that what you all want from The Bodom Boys?! Well, I don’t. The sharpness is irking me, and that’s the reason why I don’t give out a higher score even though the material is mostly great.

But, “Halo of Blood” should be the proof to everyone that Children of Bodom still has a lot to give.

Review by: MJ

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