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Karonte – “Paraíso sin fe” 2012

 Karonte – “Paraíso sin fe”
LABEL: Self-released/independent
Melodic Death Metal
RATING: 6.0 / 10

Melodic Death Metal from Spain, well that ain’t something I hear on a daily basis. And to be honest I ain’t hearing it now either since I wouldn’t really wanna call “Paraíso sin fe”  melodic death metal.

While I admit that the music possesses some melodic elements, it leans mostly towards heavy and doomy death metal. Something that for me is a positive. Bands such as Baphomet/Banished and Gorefest come to mind, well the latter mostly having to do with the vocals that reminds a bit of a “False”-era Jan-Chris de Koeijer.

Karonte‘s got some groove going, but as with many other bands not enough for me to really go ape-shit about it. “Paraíso sin fe” is an album that is easy to digest, sadly I did get bored with it way too easily since all tracks tend to sound the same after a while.  Still, I’ve heard way worse.

♠Recommended tracks: Mercado Infecto / Gris

Review by: TK

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