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Sacrilegious Impalement – “III – Lux Infera” 2013

 Sacrilegious Impalement -“III – Lux Infera”
LABEL: Woodcut Records
Black Metal
RATING: 8.0 / 10

Finnish Sacrilegious Impalement‘s last album “II – Exalted Spectres” bared a lot of resemblance to Swedish WatainIn my world being compared to Watain ain’t a bad thing, although I guess all bands wish to have their own personality instead of being compared to others. I can’t claim that Sacrilegious Impalement has gotten a totally own personlity with “III – Lux Infera”, but there is more to the mix this time.

Opening track “Angel Graves” gives of a vibe of Satyricon‘s “The Dawn of a New Age” before it explodes into something that could be described as a nice mixture of Marduk and Watain. And this is pretty much what you’ll get for 45 minutes. Sacrilegious Impalement do although possess something that the before-mentioned bands don’t – and that is one helluva “solo-happy” guitarist called Von Bastard. The solos and melodies are the two main things that this time gives Sacrilegious Impalement more of an own personality. The melodies are of the sort that made Sweden and most bands on No Fashion Records famous and whenever a band brings out those fine beeswarm-harmonies I can’t do nothing more than close my eyes and enjoy the ride.

As You propably already figured out, “III – Lux Infera” is highly recommended to fans of bands such as Marduk and Watain. But should also appeal to fans of quality black metal with melodies resembling the ones that the 90’s scene spawned forth. Production-wise it’s all good and if You won’t take my word for it perhaps name-dropping T. Stjerna (Necromorbus Studios) responsible for the mastering will.

♠Recommended tracks: Down for Grim Lord / Scars for Scarred Ones

Review by: TK

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