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Germ Bomb – “Sound of Horns” 2013

 Germ Bomb – “Sound of Horns”
LABEL: AreaDeath Productions
Heavy/Speed Metal/Punk
RATING: 6.5 / 10

Sometimes keeping it simple is enough,  no need for any deep analysis or long texts filled with fancy words. “Sound of Horns” is the kind of album that rather me putting my thinking cap on, I’d want to sit on the sofa, crank up the volume and open a can of beer.

Gothenburg based  Germ Bomb’s second album is all about Speed/Heavy Metal from the 80’s with a punkish propellant. Promotional-sheet mentions bands such as Motörhead, GBH and Voivod, and while I can not argue on that, the one band that comes to my mind is late Darkthrone. But that probably much due to the fact that Darkthrone most likely take their inspiration from pretty much the same sources as Germ Bomb.

Germ Bomb does not reinvent the genre, but by keeping it simple they do however pay a nice homage to the 80’s.

Recommended tracks: We Own the Night / Titans of Intelligence

Review by: TK

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