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Agathodaimon – “In Darkness” 2013

 Agathodaimon – “In Darkness”
LABEL: Massacre Records
YEAR: 2013
GENRE: Symphonic Black Metal/Gothic Metal
RATING: 7.0 / 10

At first I thought that Agathodaimon had done a really solid album, without any distractions. But that was only when I had listened to the first verse of the first song.

Agathodaimon is a German outfit, that somehow ended up on Nuclear Blast already for their debut album. Back then they played a gothic kind of black metal with a pretty raw production. By the fourth album, they really took to the melodic styles of blackened metal. I never listened to the album that came next, “Phoenix“, but the one I am listening to now is a continuation of their soft, melodic black metal.

What bugs me are the clean vocals and the acoustic stuff. Most of the verses are great, with good enough sounding distorted guitars and nice rhythm and melodies. A few choruses, however lose their edge with overuse of clean vocals.

The album carry a catchiness that would make me recognize is quite well in the future. After a hefty amount of spins I have come to the conclusion that this album is not a masterpiece, but with the right set of expectations anyone at all interested in dark metal should be able to enjoy a large portion of the 2013 effort of Agathodaimon, since all the songs hit the nail on more than one occasion.

This makes me feel I would be remiss to do else than to call “In Darkness” really good.

Review by: MJ

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