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Exhumed – “Necrocracy” 2013

 Exhumed – “Necrocracy”
LABEL: Relapse Records
Death Metal/Grindcore
RATING: 8.5 / 10

Exhumed is a band I really wish I would own music from, because I do not own anything, yet. Why? I don’t know, I just haven’t found myself purchasing any music from them, which is pretty weird since I think they’re a great band with a really solid discography.

Their last album “All Guts, No Glory” was an album that I definitely found to be one of the, by far, best ones they’ve put out so far. And it’s always the same whenever a band releases a good album. You always ask yourself, will the next album be just as good?

So now we have Exhumed’s 6th full-length studio album, “Necrocracy”. And I’m just going to put an answer to the question I mentioned before. The answer is yes, this is just as good as “All Guts, No Glory”. Actually, I think it’s even better than that album!

What Exhumed is offering us here is a very groovy, grindy and absolutely superb Death Metal album.

Groovy is probably the right term to define this album, because it’s groovy as hell. And I’m a huge fan of Death Metal, but especially when a lot of grooves are involved.

The drumming is executed in a fantastic way. There’s a whole lot of variation in it, which is a very good thing. You wouldn’t want to listen to blast beats through an entire album. With this album, drummer Mike Hamilton is offering us a treat of two-strokes, d-beats, blast beats, you name it. His drumming is blending in perfectly with the groove that the entire album possesses. So I’d definitely say that the drumming on this album is a definite plus.

The guitars, bass and overall riffing can’t get any better in my opinion. The riffs are as I said, incredibly groovy, but they also vary from those groovy parts to parts that are a bit faster, and even to riffs that sound incredibly melodic! I’m really digging the melodic riffs a lot too, the melodic guitar solos that they’ve fused in sound great, but the melodic riffs… Wow.

The vocals are also a part of this album that I’m enjoying a lot. They are for the most part high pitched, but vary to more lower pitched Death Metal growls. Something which happens a lot of times, is that we hear these two different vocals combined. I think that the vocals blend in amazingly together, and that it makes the vocals in general sound more evil once we hear the vocals combined like that. The vocals are one of my absolute favorite parts of the album.

In overall this album is great. It’s a beast of groovy, grindy Death Metal waiting to devour our eardrums. Exhumed definitely topped their last album with this one, and I’d say that this is without a doubt one of their best works in their career.

I’m happily going to purchase this album very soon, and it’s going to feel good to make this my very first Exhumed album that I buy.

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