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Quest of Aidance – “Misanthropic Propaganda” 2013

 Quest of Aidance – “Misanthropic Propaganda”
LABEL: Pulverised Records
Death Metal/Grindcore
RATING: 8.5 / 10

This band is a project of the Swedish mastermind Christian Älvestam, who participates in numerous bands (ex. Scar Symmetry, Miseration, Solution .45 and many others). It seems like the Swedes have a thing for that, and that’s why we are graceful for their contribution to metal. “Misanthropic Propaganda” is the debut full length album and it’s a damn good one as well.

What we have here is a 44 minute blast of solid modern death metal, full of energy, interesting riffs and solos, power and heaviness. The production and sound are crystal clear, without any flaws in the studio editing and mixing whatsoever. It serves its purpose to maintain a certain position into melodic death/grind and keeps the listener banging with different riffs and sounds all the time. The use of machine sounds and samples is also present in several songs, which to me, doesn’t ruin the result at all. There are 14 compositions in here, something that reminds of a semi death metal/grind album, and it does sound like an extremely more skilled and serious version of Milking the Goatmachine.

The musicianship is brilliant. Every aspect of the album is executed perfectly, from the growls and high screams to the D-beat drum lines. A standout characteristic of the album is the non-stop melodies, as Christian’s well of ideas seems to never dry. Im confident that this album will please the ears of the Gothenburg/melodic death metal community, if not more than that. Some parts of the album reminded me of bands like Allegaeon or Ouroboros and that’s the type of melody im talking about.

Im not a huge fan of his bands apart from Scar Symmetry but he won me with this one. The mixture of melodic death metal with grind and some electronic elements, results in something entertaining, unique and downright jamming.

Recommended tracks: Section 34, Deadly Viral Strain, Like Shadowing Suns

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