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Against the Wall – September 2013

Fleshgod Apocalypse –”Labyrinth”
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
GENRE: Symphonic/Technical Death Metal

(TK): Information overload but just as epic as “Agony”. Too bad that the album has been mastered to shit though. With a better production this would have been a 9.5. FUCK LOUDNESS WARS!! 8.0/10

(MJ): Even more complex than their last album. I love it! Fleshgod Apocalypse‘s symphonic technical death metal is awesome. 9.5/10

(VS): The whole metal community had high hopes for this one, and a major part of it was let down. I have to say that this is their best album musically, since they have finally balanced the importance between the guitars and the synths, which are more orchestral this time. The album has over a ton of music in weight and the musicianship kicks ass (especially that octopus drummer). I would prefer less female operatic vocals and softer/melodic parts, but still it’s a tight album. 8.0/10

(BH): I’ve always liked these guys and their overly flamboyant keyboard-infused technical death metal. It’s exciting and fairly unique, and this album is a fairly worthy continuation of  their last one. 7.0/10

(JP): When I first discovered Fleshgod Apocalypse I was floored by the speed and high quality of the songs. They went from death metal flirting with classical music, to classical music merged with perfectly executed death metal. 9.0/10

 Exhumed –”Necrocracy”
LABEL: Relapse Records
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): To be honest I rate Exhumed‘s Carcassish-death metal higher than the original at the moment, even though Carcass just released a new album after 7 years. “Necrocracy” is brutal, groovy and catchy all at the same time and to me the bands highlight so far. 8.0/10

(MJ): Energetic but not too interesting. 5.0/10

(VS): This is damn great. All the components of an amazing album are included, from the amazing production, to the great vocals/guitar lines/bass/drums, to the solos, to the lyrics, everything. The band released this to prove that the death metal gold mine release of 2011 “All Guts, No Glory” was not something accidental. I’ll be considering this to make the list of the AOTY for 2013. 9.0/10

(BH): One of the most consistent ‘Merican death metal bands out there, and one of the most genuinely fun live performances anywhere. They aren’t doing any next-level stuff here or breaking down any barriers, but zey definitely bring the dess. 8.0/10

(JP): Carcass worshiping Exhumed is back with a new line-up and a brand new record. ”Necrocracy” contains a riff fest that makes me happy in my pants. 9.0/10

 Gorguts –”Colored Sands”
LABEL: Season of Mist
GENRE: Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal

(TK): Kids, don’t try this at home! Gorguts been at it since 1989 and there does truly not exist any other band that do it like these crazy Canadians on “Colored Sands”. This is musical lunacy. It’s like a math test. An overload of melodies and beats. But, if you get past that threshold of figuring things out and putting everything together, the reward is tremendous. 9.0/10

(MJ): Generally, I like the slower songs better on this album. 6.5/10

(VS): The avantgarde/technical masters are back with a new album, as pumped as I was for it’s release, it didn’t grow on me as it grew on everyone else. It’s a good album, but that’s all. 6.5/10

(BH): This album PRIDDLYDIDDLYREERAAAAAAAW is a worthy return to form for DOODLEREEDUMPPPPPOWWWWW the mighty Gorguts. 8.0/10

(JP): Just like Immolation, these guys have gotten way to little recognition. Playing death metal their way since the late 80s, and “Colored Sands” is just another proof of how good they really are. 8.0/10

 Watain –”The Wild Hunt”
LABEL: Century Media
GENRE: Black Metal

(TK): First of all I don’t understand where all the hate towards Watain comes from? But then again, neither will I bother to spend that much energy on findning out about it. “The Wild Hunt” is the bands most easy-listenable album up-to-date and bear marks of brilliant acts such as Dissection and Bathory, but without loosing the Watain-spirit. By the way, does anyone recognize the opening riff here?? 8.0/10

(MJ): Watain know how it should be done. 9.0/10

(VS): They have broadened the horizons of their sound even more with this one. They have gone even more melodic than “Lawless Darkness” at some point, but still intense at others, reminding a bit of their influences and their early days (especially the re-recorded hidden track). I am almost convinced that they will never top “Casus Luciferi” and apart from that, I enjoyed the most of this new album. And I still don’t get why everyone’s complimenting the ballad “They Rode”, it’s really nothing special. 7.0/10

(BH): Is it on par with “Lawless Darkness”? Not even close. Is it still good modern black metal? Absolutely. 7.5/10

(JP): I like that Watain brought black metal some depth and meaning in a time where “bedroom black” and utterly shitty productions seemed to be the next big thing. They realized it’s not about who has the “rawest” (shittiest) production, but who could capture the pure black essence of the genre. However, I’m not too impressed with “The Wild Hunt”. Who knows, it might grow after a few more spins on the stereo. 6.0/10

 Revocation–” Revocation”
LABEL: Relapse Records
GENRE: Technical Death/Thrash Metal

(TK): Groovy and modern technical Death/Thrash with brilliant musicianship, melodies and exquisitely executed solos. And a splash of Banjo. I do enjoy this a lot, but please please do not use the “Bevel and Emboss” effect on your logo ever again. It didn’t look good in the 90’s and still doesn’t. 7.0/10

(MJ): Unlike TS I don’t get this. 6.0/10

(VS): I enjoyed it, but not as much as “Existence Is Futile” and I don’t think they took any steps forward, still they didn’t fail either. Mixed feelings, somwhere in the middle, maybe a bit more than that. The band seems like a bunch of very talented dudes that are capable of releasing an excellent album, but haven’t found the formula yet. Oh, and it needed more banjo. 5.5/10

(BH): With the sad state of American metal (for the most part), it’s nice to see an up-and-coming band at least attempting to create something cool. They’ll never top “Existence Is Futile” though. 7.0/10

(JP): It’s a good record, but I expected more from them after their previous album. 6.0/10

 Turisas –”Turisas2013”
LABEL: Century Media
GENRE: Folk/Symphonic Metal

(TK): I don’t know when (if ever) I was as confused as I was when I put “Turisas2013” for its first spin. Did I hate it? I didn’t know. Love? Well, I think not? What about after 20 spins? I LOVE IT!! Did I ever think that Finnish tango would blend well with symhonic metal? Well no. I’m happy I was wrong. “Turisas2013” shows a whole new side of Turisas and while it might very well scare off a lot of fans, they’ve at least regained one. Namely me. One of the best albums of 2013 so far (but I do HATE the “chipmunk”-pitch in “No good story ever starts with drinking tea”)9.0/10

(MJ): This is not how I pictured Turisas to sound. It’s actually rather good, and not too Finnish.  7.5/10

(VS): To be sincere, if it wasn’t for this ATW, I would not listen to the album at all, since I’m not a big fan of their other albums. However, this turned out to be really good! Entertaining music, with a couple of surprises here and there. Great partying-battling atmosphere, cool riffs, interesting ideas, and again, you will hear some unexpected stuff. 7.5/10

(BH): Hold onto your tubas. It’s a new Turisas album. And it sucketh. 3.0/10

(JP): I hate this kind of metal! I hate it to the point where I can’t find anything constructive to say about it. 2.0/10

 Annihilator –”Feast”
GENRE: Technical Speed/Thrash Metal/Groove Metal

(TK): I was happily surprised by “Feast”, or well at least up until the fifth track “Wrapped” and the cheesy ballad “Perfect Angel Eyes” that follows. First four tracks though are highly enjoyable groovy thrash metal. I wonder if the band is aware that the opening-riff in “Deadlock” is pretty much Venom‘s “Black Metal” ?  5.0/10

(MJ): I honestly thought this album to be a joke at first. I had to listen to it a couple of times extra, and now I kind of like it. 7.0/10

(VS): If I choose to listen to Annihilator, I want to listen to straight forward, fast thrash metal. It is ok for them to change now and then but it’s definitely not succesful here, as the little above average songs like “Deadlock” or “No Way Out” are wounded and thrown to dirt by some really mediocre rock tunes and ballads, like “Pretty Angel Eyes” or “One Falls, Two Rise” (the latter being way longer than it should be). I am disappointed with this release and I’m sorry, I’m stuck to the “Alice In Hell”-era. 4.0/10

(BH): Never been a huge fan of thrash at all,but if I knew anything about this kind of thing, I’d call it competent. I remember liking an Annihilator album way back in the day, but it’s 2013 now, so. 5.5/10

(JP): Good effort from veterans Annihilator. When they put some speed in the songs I really enjoy this record, but on the slower parts I get bored. 6.0/10

 DevilDriver –”Winter Kills”
LABEL: Napalm Records
GENRE: Groove/Melodic Death Metal

(TK): As a metal-DJ I actually sometimes have to try and learn to find the charm of a band such as DevilDriver. I still haven’t succeeded though. I usually DJ the track “Resurrection Blvd.” (Prey for Villains – 2009) since people seem to dig it. I although do not find any “Resurrection Blvd.” on this album. In fact after listening throught the album several times, I remember nothing of the music I just heard. 5.0/10

(MJ): I have a non-metal friend who liked DevilDriver when we were 15. That says it all. 3.5/10

(VS): For some reason, I sense there is hardcore all over this album. The shredding is not amiss, there are a couple of doable solos, the whole package is heavy and intense. DevilDriver are just moving on from where they stopped. 6.0/10

(BH): Breakdowns. Core riffs. Boring song structures. Recycle bin. 3.5/10

(JP): I’ve always liked DevilDriver, and I have to say, with this record they blow my mind. Their best effort thus far. 8.0/10


 Newsted –”Heavy Metal Music”
LABEL: Crophouse Records
GENRE: Heavy/Thrash Metal

(TK): Upon first preview Newsted sounded very promising, but after listening to “Heavy Metal Music” over and over again it ain’t really going anywhere. But, still better than Metallica. 4.0/10

(MJ): Heavy rocking done pretty well 7.0/10

(VS): There should be respect for this guy and his metallic past and after so many years, he is here to rock the ground. It’s the sound of heavy metal. As the title says. 7.0/10

(BH): About time for a bus trip through Scandinavia for another Metallica bassist. Also, a guy from Staind is in this band? Really? 2.0/10

(JP): Better than anything Metallica has done since the “Black album” (Had to be said). That however says more about Metallica then “Heavy Metal Music”. It´s not a bad effort, but it gets a bit boring.  5.0/10

 Debauchery –”Kings of Carnage”
LABEL: Massacre Records
GENRE: Death Metal/Hard Rock

(TK): I’m sorry but this is just stupid. Congratulations for taking over the crown for most stupid death metal now that Six Feet Under actually have managed to step it up a notch. 2.0/10

(MJ): A mix of death metal and heavy metal that I don’t care for. 2.5/10

(VS): AC/DC changed a singer and went death metal? Yes! As all Debauchery stuff, it’s entertaining. All it has is catchy riffs, if you are a fan of death’n’roll, check this. If not, you might as well puke. 5.0/10

(BH): I’m really confused as to what these guys want this to be. Is it death metal? Is it groove metal? Is it gangsta death rap? Whatever it is, I can tell you it’s boring as hell. Every riff pisses me off because of its predictability, and I have no desire to hear this stuff ever again. 3.0/10

(JP): This is utterly boring. Nothing about this record captures my interest. 2.0/10

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