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Goregast – “Covered in Skin” EP 2013

 Goregast – “Covered in Skin” EP
LABEL: F.D.A. Rekotz
Death Metal/Grindcore
RATING: 8.0 / 10

The German maniacs Goregast offer pure death metal/grindcore for almost a decade now and this new EP is a little taste of the rotten meal they are going to serve sometime in 2014, when the new full length album is coming. There are two new songs that last five and a half minutes each inside this mini record and the beautiful cover art of this was made  by Badic Art. From what I have heard, only good things will arive to the ears of death metal fans from this band, since this can be described as top quality.

The self-titled “Covered In Skin”, starts with a rhythm that works like an introduction, as if the instruments are getting warm, before diving into a speedy and heavy main part, full of catchy melodies to mosh upon. “Mindcreeper” begins with a midpaced riff and mostly depends on the guitar work and the blast beats, using the same elements as in the opening song. These two tracks here are easy to listen and entertaining.

The production here is clean and pleasing, giving the sound the power it needs to deliver. The two songs have great riffs, several groovy and headbanging moments and a hell of a great vocalist, who is capable of growling and screaming/shouting at the same time. The playing style moves between old school tradition and fierce modernity, so I’m positive that it will amuse fans of both sides, preparing the ground for an, as it seems, devastating new album next year.

Recommended tracks: Both tracks

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