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Against the Wall – November 2013


 Inquisition –”Obscure Verses for the Multiverse”
LABEL: Season of Mist
GENRE: Black Metal

(TK): And to think that I didn’t think that Inquisition could top “Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm”. I stand corrected. This is pure black metal brilliance! I salute thee!! 9.0/10

(MJ): I know that some consider Inquisition an aqcuired taste, and I’m not completely sold to their sound. But I can’t deny that they do their thing good, and their 2013 effort is better than the last – which to another group of “some” people probably says a lot! 7.5/10

(VS): Hell freaking yes. This is a spectacular album, top quality in every aspect. 9.5/10

(JP): Best black metal I’ve heard in long, long time! 9.0/10

(GJ): What’s all the fuzz about? I don’t get it, standard, boring black metal with somewhat original vocals. Ok, I can admit that there’s a certain groove to it, every once in a while, but really? Extra points for the occasional groove and the vocals. 6.0/10


Hail of Bullets –”III: The Rommel Chronicles”
LABEL: Metal Blade
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): Try sitting still when that first riff on “Swoop of the Falcon” starts. If you manage to do that, your not fucking into death metal. Hail of Bullets fills in the void that Bolt Thrower left back in 2005 with “Those Once Loyal” and as long as HoB continues releasing albums of this caliber, my abstinence for a possible new BT album will not be a problem. 8.5/10

(MJ): Someone ought to ask old Mrs van Drunen to tell her son that being “unique” isn’t always a good thing. Or do you guys really think he’s a good vocalist? 5.5/10

(VS): This is solid death metal, combining elements from various beloved heavyweights like Asphyx and Bolt Thrower. Not to mention that Van Drunen plays in here. 8.0/10

(JP): What could go wrong when you have a band with death metal legends from bands like Asphyx and Thanatos. Time and time again Hail of Bullets hammers out war themed death metal that crushes anything that gets in their way.  8.0/10

(GJ): “Check out Hail of Bullets” has been on my list for a while, ever since I first heard the name a few years back. Well, it took me a while to get to it and all I have to say is: Holy fucking shit! What the hell have I been missing out on? This. Is. Old. School. Death. Metal! I get 20 years younger, listening to this. Fucking awesome! 8.5/10


 Sarkom –”Doomsday Elite”
LABEL: Dark Essence Records
GENRE: Black Metal

(TK): As the owner of the worlds biggest Naglfar collection I have a friend that’s been pestering me with the name Sarkom for about a year now or so. And ok, I understand where he’s coming from. Sarkom is good but I do not love it. But still it works really nice for fans of stuff such as Naglfar, Negator, Dark Fortress etc. 7.0/10

(MJ): What looks like black metal, and sounds like black metal, probably is black metal. Sarkom smell like black metal. 8.5/10

(VS): In the veins of Svarttjern and Gravdal, which means traditional black metal of the third wave. Legit in terms of production and content. 7.0/10

(JP): Good solid black metal.  8.0/10

(GJ): Apparently this is the third full length album from this Norwegian band, although the name is new to me, and if this album had been released in the mid -90’s, I would probably been hyper about it.  Well, Sarkom might be 20 years too late, but it’s not at all a bad album, actually. It’s varied and they implement some unexpected sounds, riffing and melodies that keep it somewhat more interesting than the typical Black metal released nowadays. 7.0/10


 Wolfheart –”Winterborn”
LABEL: Self-released/Independent
GENRE: Death/Doom Metal with Folk/Melodic influences

(TK): “The Hunt” and “Gale of Winter” are two amazing songs that get 8.5/10 from me. But as for the album in a whole it sadly tends to be a bit too much of a roller coaster ride.  6.5/10

(MJ): I can’t believe that this is not a new Insomnium album. Albeit without that stick in their collective ass; Wolfheart actually breaks out in blastbeats here and there. 9.0/10

(VS): Even though I laugh at funny self-acclaimed genres like “winter metal”, this was an awesome album and Ghosts of Karelia is a kick ass song. 8.5/10

(JP)Death/doom that aims to be epic, but just falls flat. Finland are the masters when it comes to this style, but this is not even close to the Finnish high quality death/doom we are used to. 5.0/10

(GJ):  Normally, this isn’t something I would even consider looking up. Death/Doom along with Folk/Melodic (that’s what the pre-hand info I got, said) influences doesn’t really make me jump up and down in excitement. However, the first song on the album set all thing straight and I was kind of surprised – I actually like this? WTF? Well, I HAVE been battling a cold lately, maybe I am sick? 7.0/10


 Death Angel –”The Dream Calls for Blood”
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
GENRE: Thrash Metal

(TK): Death Angel is one of these thrash bands that I never really bothered to care about as much as I probably should’ve. This is a great thrash album but also rather anonymous, pretty much just like last months Onslaught album. SLAYEEEER!!! 6.5/10

(MJ): My thrash-itch got scratched this month too. 8.5/10

(VS): The well known formula of heavy thrash parts, with melodic / acoustic introductions. Great sound and quality in the riffs and solos. 7.5/10

(JP): When Death Angel released “Relentless Retribution” they sounded angrier than in a long time. Fortunately they continue on the same raging path on “The Dream Calls for Blood”, injecting their thrash with a big dose of angry and violent thrash showing all the “party” bands how it’s done. 8.0/10

(GJ): Can’t really say much about this. Well played thrash. Nothing more, nothing less. 5.0/10


 Necrophobic –”Womb of Lilithu”
LABEL: Season of Mist
GENRE: Death/Black Metal

(TK): Is Necrophobic and Necrophic is good. “Marquis Phenex” is groovy as fuck! 8.0/10

(MJ): Most of the other albums in this month’s ATW came to me pretty easy, but I needed more time with the new Necrophobic. In my book of references I found “Womb of Lilithu” right between Dissection‘s “Reinkaos” and Mordant‘s “Black Evil Master”, but weighed towards the latter. For now, let’s just say that it is great.  8.0/10

(VS): Not as good as other albums they have released, but still a huge piece of awesome Necrophobic. Fourteen tracks with over one hour of black / death noise, it was a fun hellride. 8.0/10

(JP): I was never too fuzzed about Necrophobic, there was too many bands that where so much better around the same time for me to give a damn about Necrophobic. And “Womb of Lilithu” does not change my mind. 5.5/10

(GJ): Necrophobic has never been my Mug O’ Grog. To me, everything they’ve done sounds sloppy, uninspired and, well, boring. I hear some efforts to spice things up, although it all falls flat and leave me with a bitter taste. No, thank you! 4.0/10


 Kataklysm –”Waiting for the End to Come”
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
GENRE: Melodic Death Metal

(TK): I’ve always had a soft spot for Kataklysm despite some of their obvious defects. Many of these defects have however been eradicated throughout the years, while others have arisen. “Waiting fo the End to Come” is a decent Kataklysm release, but I am not really liking the “core”-influences nor the soundscape that tends to be a bit too sterile. 7.5/10

(MJ): Actually better than I could have hoped. The deluxe (yeah, right) version of the album has much more awesome cover artwork. 6.0/10

(VS): I was waiting for the end of the album to come. I don’t know why I can’t get into this. 3.5/10

(JP): This is a very schizophrenic record. At times it sounds like good old Kataklysm a la “Sorcery” and “Temple of Knowledge”, and I’m loving it. But then at times it sounds like a melodic slumber party, and I hate it.  6.0/10

(GJ): I haven’t really paid any attention to Kataklysm in like…? Well, never, to be honest. I am kind of regretting this, listening to this release. This is good! Perhaps it is time to make up for past mistakes by looking into this bands back catalogue? 7.0/10


 Pyrexia –”Feast of Iniquity”
LABEL: Unique Leader Records
GENRE: Death/Groove Metal

(TK): At first I really liked this album, but after a couple of days with it not so much, there’s just too much ups and downs. When its good it’s groove as hell, but when its not it’s boring as hell. 5.0/10

(MJ): You smack that snare! I said, smack it! 4.0/10

(VS): Not very captivating, average album. 5.0/10

(JP): What happened, “Age of the Wicked” was such a strong record, I expected more from Pyrexia. It’s not a bad record at all, just had higher hopes for it. 6.5/10

(GJ): It’s always refreshing with Death metal, or well, almost always, especially when the bands implement and flirt with the old school variants of the genre. This was an average album until the 5th song, “Cryptic Summoning”, when the old school Deicide-riffing began. Immediately, my head began to bob and I found myself smiling. Good sign, that… 7.5/10


 Ihsahn–”Das Seelenbrechen”
LABEL: Candlelight Records
GENRE: Experimental Progressive Metal

(TK): Ihsahn has me spellbound from “Hilber” to “Pulse”. We’re talking about 20 minutes of quality fucking music! After this the album sadly transforms into a artsy-fartsy experimental turd. 5.0/10

(MJ): Leprous are way better. But congrats on the most adhesive title this month. I have been walking around saying “Das Seelenbrechen” in a dark voice since I first listened to the album. If the music were better I might have looked up what the hell it means. 3.0/10

(VS): A bit random to my ears, with a number of ideas poorly stuck together. It is experimental but not as successful as the previous albums. 5.0/10

(JP): The Opeth and Leprous songs are good, the rest falls flat. Not the Ihsahn I’m used to. 5.0/10

(GJ): It took me quite a while to process Ihsahn’s debut album (and the following ones, as well) when it was released. Since then, our relationship has been very complicated, to say the least. I have no doubt that this man is either a musical genius or completely insane, or maybe both. This one will play in my stereo and my car for a long time and I will love it and I will hate it, and its complexity and its experimental madness will continue to puzzle, anger and fascinate me for years to come. This is, most likely, the album of the year for me.  9.0/10


 Sepultura –”The Mediator between The Head and Hands must be The Heart”
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
GENRE: Groove/Hardcore

(TK): I weep for the Sepultura that I used to know. Not only did I grow up with their music, but they did also mold much of the musical preferences for my future to come. This here is a mere shadow of what the band used to be. Please fold the band or change your name. 2.5/10

(MJ): I have not listened much to Sepultura, and “The Mediator…” did not make me want to begin with their later material. The last track and its hidden “bonus” should make me want to give the album 0.0/10, but I feel generous today. 3.5/10

(VS): I got bored by reading the title alone. Not a single good riff was produced that day. 1.0/10

(JP): This is so boring, and when Kisser tires to re-live the Roots era with “The Bliss of Ignorance” it all just feels very sad. 4.0/10

(GJ): Sepultura is another band that I, considering my age and taste, should have a lot more to say about. Unfortunately, it is not so. I never got into them back in the days and this new release doesn’t really do it for me either, sorry. In my ears, this is repetitive and dull. Still, they know what they’re doing, and know how to handle their instruments, so…  5.5/10

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