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Against the Wall – December 2013



Deicide –”In the Minds of Evil”
LABEL: Century Media
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): This to me is the best stuff Deicide has put out since “Serpents of the Light” (1997). 7.0/10

(MJ): As soothing* as death metal can be, and as evil as it should be. Deicide anno 2013 kicks ass! *So pure, homogeneous and leveled that there are no distractions. 9.0/10

(VS): All I can say about the latest Deicide albums and this one is that I just enjoy them, nothing more or nothing less. 6.5/10

(JP): Deicide are back with their best album in a long time. This is how they should sound, Christ hating death metal. I’m glad they found their way back, it was about time! 8.0/10

(GJ): Maybe it’s been a long year, maybe I am getting old, I don’t know, but this just sound… tired. 5.0/10

(CÄ): I doubt they will ever outo “Legion”, but I must say “In The Minds Of Evil” is the most vital sign of life I’ve heard from these godforsaken fellas in a long, long time. 8.0/10


 Avatarium –”Avatarium”
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
GENRE: Doom Metal/Rock

(TK): I’ve been spellbound with Avatarium ever since I heard the track “Moonhorse” for the first time. Classic Edling riffs with amazingly beatiful vocals courtesy of talented Jennie-Ann Smith. 8.0/10

(MJ): I really wanted to like this one, but I’m not completely sold to neither melodic doom, nor jazz or blues or whatever is in the mix here. I hope my friend, who got this as a birthday gift, likes it better. That said, it’s still competent. 6.5/10

(VS): The combination of female vocals, some acoustic guitars and powerful doom metal, along with the epic synths as a background, really moved me. The main doom parts remind a lot of Candlemass of course, but I don’t think that’s a negative issue at all. 8.0/10

(JP): I read somewhere that these songs was written with Mikael Åkerfeldt’s voice in mind. Would be really cool to hear what he’d ad to this doomridden album. Over all it’s a good album, but I find my self wanting something more from the vocals. 7.0/10

(GJ): My first thought was “this sounds like Candlemass” and guess what? Leif Edling started the band. I can’t really get passed the female vocals, the girl sounds plain and dull in her singing. 4.5/10

(CÄ): As a fan, from childhood, of the first four Candlemass albums, some of Avatarium‘s more doom-laden riffs and soundscapes really appeal to me.For the most part, the female vocalist fucks it up though, with her obvious “I wish I was Messiah Marcolin”-approach. Bummer! If I was only to rate the instrumental side of things, this album would have gotten a higher score, for sure, but now, since a certain someone decided to show up to the party, pouring intervention into the bowl, I have no other choice but to revaluate. 5.0/10


 Ovid’s Withering –”Scryers of the Ibis”
LABEL: Subliminal Groove Records
GENRE: Theatrical Tech Metal (according to bands FB-page)

(TK): Ovid’s Withering is a bit all over the place at times, but there is a lot that I really enjoy on this album. Bands such as Carach Angren and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum are just two of many bands that comes to mind when listening to this. 7.0/10

(MJ): The band must have really exhausted themselves with this material. The durability is unfortunately lacking. 5.0/10

(VS): I’ve been following this band from the day they spread their first demo songs in various core blogs and they have evolved a lot since then. The album is full of entertaining synths, heavy grooves and djent-like guitar lines, brutal vocals and accurate musicianship. It deserves your attention. 8.0/10

(JP)This record is really good, and at the same time really bad. And what makes this so annoying, is that I find loads of really cool parts in every song, but in the same time some really horrendous parts. So even if there is parts that make me happy in my pants, I still can’t listen to the song as I can’t get over the sucky bits. 5.0/10

(GJ): Theatrical Tech Metal? One single point for a few interesting orchestral arrangements. Gawddamnit, this sucks….  1.0/10

(): Damn! Talk about being caught off guard! What an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise. This American outfit is literally kicking ass and taking names. Please allow me to file this under “A” for Awesomeness! 9.0/10


 Pestilence –”Obsideo”
LABEL: Candlelight Records
GENRE: Progressive Death Metal

(TK): Pestilence is Pestilence. It is no “Consuming Impulse” nor “Testimony of the Ancients” and I didn’t really expect that either. If your a fan of the band, this will not dissapoint. 6.5/10

(MJ): Not hitting that sweet spot. 6.0/10

(VS): There are some failed experiments with electronic samples here and the metal elements are weak and forgettable. I can’t say it’s something worthy of the band’s calibre. 3.0/10

(JP): “This is the best Pestilence have sounded in years”. 8.5/10

(GJ): I’ve never been a fan of Pestilence, nor does this release magically change that fact. Still, their particular blend of Death Metal makes this the best album of this months ATW.  5.5/10

(CÄ): Pestilence used to be great. That statement still stands! 5.0/10


 Obliteration –”Black Death Horizon”
LABEL: Indie Recordings
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): It’s good, but seriously nothing that makes me jump of joy. 5.0/10

(MJ): Where Deicide is pure death metal, Obliteration is on the verge of becoming black metal. As it turns out, they are also, to me, totally uninteresting now that I have heard them. 4.5/10

(VS): Dark, brutal, with killer riffs and and furious anger over every song. It is serious, dedicated death metal with a purpose to express it’s disgust, not to be cool or to rip off the legendary bands. Great record and a breath of fresh air in the department, kudos guys. 9.0/10

(JP): Death metal that stinks of old school rotting flesh. I love it! 8.5/10

(GJ): Ok, Old School Death is cool, but trying to replicate the crappiest sound of that era is not. Some cool riffs, a few interesting ideas, irritating vocals… nah, this one won’t spin at my place…  4.0/10

(CÄ): Swing and a miss! 3.0/10

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