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Best Albums of 2013 – CÄ


Once again it’s that time of the year: Wrap-up time! Personally, I think 2012 had more to offer musically, from a “the whole spectrum”-point of view. However, 2013 managed to pull a few rabbits out of the hat as well, particularly in the metal-department. Pleasant reading, my fellow Deathdomainers:

CARCASS – “Surgical Steel”
[Nuclear Blast Records]

“I guess it’s true what they say, you can’t beat experience and these guys possess tons of it. Album, as well as comeback, of the year!”


EVILE – “Skull”
[Earache Records]

“No other album brought me back in time like “Skull” did, this year. In a time where Metallica is but a mere shadow of its former self, Evile’s “Master Of Puppets”-ridden thrash metal could not have been unleashed on the world more conveniently. Hetfield reborn!”

GHOST – “Infestissumam”
[Loma Vista Recordings]

“I did not like their debut. I love “Infestissumam” though! With a sound of their own, they’ve managed to create something truly unique and special, which is a rare thing in this time and age.”

OVID’S WITHERING – “Scryers of the Ibis”
[Subliminal Groove Records]

“A pleasant surprise, comin’ knockin’ at my door, just weeks before the turn of the year. Like a schizophrenic mix of everything I love about extreme metal. Awesome from the get-go!”

DEAD LETTER CIRCUS – “The Catalyst Fire”

“Australia’s finest, with yet another solid release! In my book, Kim Benzie’s fantastic vocals is what really sets this band apart. “


[Vertigo Records]

“An awesome comeback from the Rolling Stones of heavy metal.”


SOILWORK – “The Living Infinite”
[Nuclear Blast Records]

“They say cats have nine lives. So does this band and this time they’re back with a vengeance!”


[Roadrunner Records]

“I still need to catch this band live! Killer stuff from a brilliant band.”


[AFM Records]

“Why try to teach an old dog new tricks when it’s this entertaining? Old-school thrash metal, dressed in a modern suit, courtesy of my best friend Plec!”

DEICIDE – “In the Minds of Evil”
[Century Media Records]

“Just like wine, Glenn Benton’s hate only gets better with age!”


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  1. Juron says:

    Best albums of 2014 – S.45 and Unmoored

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