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Best Albums of 2013 – JP


One more year has passed, and it has been extremely eventful. I started writing for Deathdomain website, released a second album with my band Syn:drom, recorded a debut album with my side project VholdGhast, moved to a new country, made some new friends and biggest of all moved in together with my girlfriend (yeah I’m a cheesy fucker!). This year has been rich when it comes to good music, both when it comes to albums, but also live shows and festivals. I’ve been able to experience some epic live shows with Gojira, King Diamond and Behemoth to mention a few. In my top 10 list below you can see 10 out of so many good records that have been released. I am extremely happy to see that death metal and grindcore keeps growing and new and old bands have released kick ass albums! As it looks, 2014 will be a good year too. Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse are just two of the giants that reviled that they will be releasing a new album next year.

IMMOLATION – “Kingdom of Conspiracy”
[Nuclear Blast Records]

“The masters of eerie and dark death metal have never failed. Everything they’ve ever released has been perfection.”


FACEBREAKER – “Dedicated to the Flesh”
[Cyclone Empire]

“This is what old school death metal should sound like.”



DIABOLICAL – “Neogenesis”
[ViciSolum Productions]

“Step by step Diabolical takes us closer to the perfect death metal album.”


ARKHAN – “Primal”
[Monkey Records]

“Grindcore with a stench of death metal. There is not a single bad song on this album.”


ULCERATE – “Vermis”
[Relapse Records]

“Listening to this album is like being devoured by darkness.”


Hate - "Solarflesh" 2013
HATE – “Solarflesh: A Gospel of Radiant Divinity”
[Napalm Records]

“Together with Behemoth and Lost Soul, the best death metal Poland has to offer.”


SVART CROWN – “Profane”
[Listenable Records]

“This is a good year for anyone that likes their metal dark.”


SQUASH BOWELS – “Grindcoholism”
[Selfmadegod Records]

“I am a grindoholic!”



“Grind vs noise vs excellent songs = good fucking stuff!”


EXHALE – “When Worlds Collide”
[Pulverised Records]

“Amazing grindcore!”


DEMONICAL – “Darkness Unbound”
[Cyclone Empire]

“Is sharing the number 10 spot as they continue on their path of death metal awesomeness!”


Worth mentioning: Persefone, Gorguts, Carcass, Exhumed, Pestilence, Inquisition, Aeternus, Antigama, Black Crown Initiate, Blood Red Throne, By the patient, Evile, Feastem,  Anciients, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vulture Industries, Toxic Holocaust, Shade Empire, Leprous, Suffocation.

And not to forget, the best live DVD (VHS included) I’ve ever seen: Devin Townsends “The Retinal Circus”. To anyone who had the pleasure of being there in person….fuck you!

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