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Best Albums of 2013 – MJ



PERSEFONE – “Spiritual Migration”
[ViciSolum Productions]

“Most exotic and most difficult to get into. I spent more than double the amount of time on this album compared to the other in the Against The Wall where “Spiritual Migration” was being rated. I was on the verge of writing it off as a pretentious, douchey metalcore kind of album when it finally clicked. And look where it landed! I urge everyone: grab a bite, but chew it slowly!”

LEPROUS – “Coal”
[InsideOut Records]

“Wow. I’m glad “Coal” ended up in ATW, or I might’ve never listened to Leprous for real. I gave “Bilateral” a spin when it came out, but it didn’t speak to me. Here’s what I wrote on ATW in June: “I was running through the list of ATW albums when this one came on right after getting pummelled by Immolation for 40 minutes. I thought, ‘what the hell is this?!’, but was soon put in a dreamlike state of mind and loved most every minute of ‘Coal’.” That still holds true, and songs like “The Cloak” and “The Valley” are two of the most haunting pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time.”

[Nuclear Blast Records]

“It really is a beast, this album. And even if my expectations were high since I totally loved “Agony,” Fleshgod Apocalypse did not dissapoint.”

F.K.Ü. – “4: Rise of the Monsh Mongers”
[Napalm Records]

“I have never had such fun with a record. The hit factor is through the roof and even though I might look like a total dork I can’t help but sing/mime along when any song from this album comes on in my headphones.”

MERCENARY – “Through Our Darkest Days”
[NoiseArt Records]

“Prior to every new album I have not been able to believe that Mercenary would top their former one, but for five records straight they have created magic. In my ears this is amazing. I really hope their form doesn’t wane or else they should call it quits right now!”

SULPHUR AEON – “Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide”
[Imperium Productions]

“The year 2013 started out excellently with the debut album by this German band in January. Heavier than a lead-covered Saturday morning dump and dark, dank and sinister like the same. I feel like being submerged in a tiny submarine to depths where the oceanic pressure starts compressing the whole capsule. “Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide” for sure!”

OCTOBER TIDE – “Tunnel of No Light”
[Pulverised Records]

“Somewhat of a wildcard among the other albums in this top list of 2013. Where I usually prefer melodic, blasting or harmonic metal, October Tide turn things on it’s head and deliver a compact, atmospheric and slow chugging album with more filling than topping. Again, I want to use my own words: “If you love the last few Katatonia records (like me) but want more darkness, this album is a must this year.”.”

DARKANE – “The Sinister Supremacy”
[Massacre Records]

“I don’t know if Darkane got re-vitalized with original vocalist Lawrence Mackrory back in their ranks, but there at least seems to be some new ideas forged into the arrangements on “The Sinister Supremacy.” Still, as always, purely amazing musicianship and a familiar foundation of riffs and otherworldly drumming. Said vocalist is fronting two of this year’s best albums..

DEICIDE – “In the Minds of Evil”
[Century Media Records]

“This is some damned fine death metal.”


WOLFHEART – “Winterborn”

“I haven’t registered the name Tuomas Saukkonen before, and I’m sure I haven’t heard any of his previous bands. But with the album “Winterborn” he really opened my eyes and ears. A great album from a new band with a clear Finnish note in the composition. Insomnium has gotten a friend in their chapter in my book of metal.”

Disappointment: Carcass
 – “Surgical Steel”
I found that maybe I don’t like Carcass that much, and “Surgical Steel” just became a big “meh” to me. I listened through their previous albums again and I believe their best is “Symphonies of Sickness”.

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