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Best Albums of 2013 – MS



GHOST – “Infestissumam”
[Loma Vista Recordings]

“When this album came out I thought that it was good, but the longer the year grew I started realizing that it really has become the most played album of the year in my house. Seeing the band live in Umeå the 9th of december really pushed it right up to first place.”

CHELSEA WOLFE – “Pain is Beauty”
[Sargent House]

“Yeah I know, this isn’t metal, at all. Plus it really looks pretentious to put it high up, but damn it’s good. Damn it’s good.”


In Solitude-Sister

IN SOLITUDE – “Sister”
[Metal Blade Records]

“Thee boys have really gone from clarity to clarity, the first album was catchy as hell and sort of adorable, but they grew into men and now they have found a voice that is theirs.”


INQUISITION – “Obscure Verses For the Multiverse”
[Season of Mist]

“Oh sweet Lord of the netherworld is this a sweet album or what? The riffage, the voice! Hands down the best Black Metal album of the year.”


FLAGELLANT – “Maledictum”
[World Terror Committee]

“This is a ferocious album with great melodies, thought trough lyrics and a nasty production.”


SARKE – “Aruagint”
[Indie Recordings]

“Nocturno Culto, snarling like a grumpy old man just as he did on the previous albums. It sounds just as expected and sometimes, that’s just what I want.”


NECROPHOBIC – “Womb of Lilithu”
[Season of Mist]

“Many things have been said about this band here in Sweden the past months, I say fuck it. This album is worth listening to.”


EUDAIMONY – “Futile”
[Cold Dimensions]

“This album has some really good songwriting going on, they do a great job of creating atmosphere. I get a nice and empty feeling inside from listening to it.”


GLORIOR BELLI – “Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls”
[Agonia Records]

“Not as good as their last offering, but I really like this redneck-hobo southern rock/black metal.”


CURSED 13 – “Triumf”
[Carnal Records]

“Straight forward black metal in the old Scandinavian vein, a solid release by all means.”


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