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Best Albums of 2013 – TK


Once a year this time comes, the time to try and summarize the year that past. Angst-filled feelings blended with a hint of panic. Being a nerd of my caliber has its ups and downs. On one side I have somewhat good track of most of the new stuff that has been released, but that also means some stress when it comes to keeping up with everything. I drafted my “Albums of the year 2013”-list during last week and had actually not looked at any other toplists prior to nailing my own. And, well….lets just face the fact that my list is pretty far from all the lists I’ve seen and the ones coming here at Deathdomain during the following days.

Triumph, Genus - "Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících" 2013
TRIUMPH, GENUS – “Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících”
[Iron Bonehead Productions]

“This…….this is black metal. No compromises, no beautification. Just a pure  and simple assault of relentless black metal as it should be. All hail the Czech Republic!”

CULT OF FIRE – “मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान”
[Iron Bonehead Productions]

“Black metal that is a bit more easy on the ears with fantastic melodies throughout the whole album. At times it almost gets me in a state of trance. Once again, all hail the Czech Republic!”

[Under the Sign of Garazel Productions]

“It’s filthy and unpolished and well…….Polish. Black metal delivered with a fantastic atmosphere and a genuine feeling of decay and disgust.”

TRIBULATION – “The Formulas of Death”
[Invictus Productions]

“A disappointment that quickly grew into one of the best albums of 2013.  Multifaceted and captivating songwriting presented over the course of 75 brilliant minutes.”

PORT NOIR – “Puls”
[Razzia Notes]

“It’s emotional and beautiful to the max. It’s alternative rock/metal with world class musicians and a vocalist, Love Andersson, that grips my heart.”

EUDAIMONY – “Futile”
[Cold Dimensions]

“Still waiting for a new ANCIENT WISDOM album, but for the time being “Futile” serves as a brilliant substitute. Doomy atmospheric black metal extravaganza.”

DEATHCHAIN – “Ritual Death Metal”
[Svart Records]

“DEATHCHAIN finally went the extra mile and “got all in” for death metal. Still some elements of thrashing, but in the end a brilliant display of heavy death metal that puts today’s MORBID ANGEL to shame.”

LEPROUS – “Coal”
[InsideOut Music]

“Progressive metal from Norway that pretty much defines the “Love it or hate it”-statement. If it was physically possible I would make love to the voice of Einar Solberg.

DEATH TYRANT – “Opus Des Tyranis”
[Non Serviam Records]

“LORD BELIAL has arisen from the grave but prior to that DEATH TYRANT served us with a brilliant display of Swedish melodic death/black metal. The drumsound aside this is excellent.”

WITHERSCAPE – “The Inheritance”
[Century Media Records]

“Dan Swanö, this brilliant man decides to blend EDGE OF SANITY with MOONTOWER with NIGHTINGALE resulting in an eargasm of brilliant musicianship. Salute!”


Close but no cigar: Diabolical, Inquisition, Gorguts, Exhumed, Blood Red Throne,  Ensnared, Evile, Feastem, Acacia, Flagellant, Avatarium, Sorcery, In Vain, Entrails, Turisas and Deicide.

Most overrated: Deafheaven and Ghost.

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