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C.O.A.G. (Coalition of Abnormal Grinder) – “Sociopath” 2013

  C.O.A.G. (Coalition of Abnormal Grinder) – “Sociopath”
Kaotoxin Records
RATING: 8.0/10

Grindcore is an old love of mine…when it’s done the right way. Unfortunately the genre has been raped almost as bad as punk. For some reason some people think its ok to record utter shit and stick it under the banner of grind or punk. Thankfully there are bands like C.O.A.G. that takes their grindcore serious, and makes an effort to record a good album. C.O.A.G. is a one man band that makes perfect use of today’s recording possibilities using a drum machine to make their album a high speed journey into the world of grind. And why not, why compromise playing the songs slower just to have a real drummer when todays drum machines sounds as good. “Sociopath” is a good album with a sound that ventures towards the darkness of black metal, without sounding to schizophrenic. What sets this record apart from other, is the vocals, which sounds like a mix of Kevin Sharp and Cliff Lundberg. It all comes together in a dark, fast grindcore feast that leads the genre forward with one foot and the other with a firm stand in the old school park.

Review by: JP

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