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MJ’s “Outside the Fence”

Yuletide is upon us. A new year is forming. During the last week of 2013 you’ll all be served a few top picks from the Deathdomain crew. I, however, want to honor a handful album that didn’t make the list.

HypocrisyHypocrisy “End of Disclosure”
True to his form, Peter Tägtgren delivers some excellent dystopian death metal with that special soundscape that I only know Hypocrisy to be able to create.



Satyricon “Satyricon”
Too simple? Too extreme in all it’s non-extremeness? No, I really dig the handiwork on Satyricon’s self-titled, fresh album. Fresh in more than one sense of the word.

DarkTranquillityDark Tranquillity “Construct”
I will always have a weak spot for Dark Tranquillity. And even if I sincerely doubt that they will match the awesomeness of their previous years, DT are incapable of being less than great.


RottingChristRotting Christ “Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy”
I love how every song on this album is so simple, yet so effective. Very much worth mentioning, but just outside of the top 10.


OnslaughtOnslaught “VI”
I haven’t listened to it again since it was due for Against The Wall, but I find myself being compelled to blast this thrashing jewel. I really need to buy it.


SummoningSummoning “Old Mornings Dawn”
Five years ago, I probably wouldn’t have understood this record at all; given it a 2/10 and went on. Now, it got to me and I can just lose myself in it.


SorcerySorcery “Arrival at Six”
Truly as old-school as they come.

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