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Pestilence – “Obsideo” 2013

  Pestilence – “Obsideo”
Candlelight Records
Progressive Death Metal
RATING: 8.5/10

Legendary Pestilence are back with a new album. And it is with some anticipation I put this record on. After hearing the talk about how they have taken a more straight forward approach, leaning a bit towards their early days as a thrash band, rather than the jazz infused escapade they have been venturing towards since their comeback. And it is indeed a more straight forward album I hear, but by no means a simple non-technical journey. Rather than leaning on jazz and fusion, they are using the technical approach of many modern tech death bands. And it works perfectly, the songs comes across as extremely well written and very “head bang” friendly, and yet complex. This is the best Pestilence have sounded in years, and I really like what I hear.

Review by: JP

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